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Reply to "What did I just buy?"

She runs… but she is rough. We got the brakes freed up and bled, tightened a few loose ends like the gas tank and went for a spin.

At idle, she is great. Starts right up. Driving though, lots of popping and lugging and she is a dog.

I pulled one plug and she’s pretty sooty. I’m going to pull all the plugs tomorrow and see what I have. I think a carb rebuild is back on the plate as well.

I found a Holley fuel pump under there that works but is not hooked up.  Right now she is running off the mechanical pump.  Strange.

The drums are in great shape and the internals look great as well.  I’ll need to contemplate the disc conversion.

The CV boot was leaking on the lift.  I hear that is common but they are completely brittle so I have 2 more on the way.

What a fun little car though!  She handles great at 30!  

I also spent more than a few minutes talking to some engine builders today…. Uh oh….



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