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@DannyP posted:

It is hard to tell with an upright conversion, Dave. But yeah, the fuel pump block-off is a dead giveaway in an upright conversion.

@dlearl476 This is the answer you're looking for, even though Gordon and Greg are doubtful. Just ignore, you CAN tell from the OP picture.

The type1 fuel pump mounted on top of the case between the distributor and the alternator right by the pulley. This we all know and have seen a zillion times with either a pump or block-off plate.

The type4 fuel pump was on the pulley end of the engine case but over by the number 4 cylinder, on the OTHER side of the distributor.

type4 pump

You are looking up, as type4 exhaust exits the bottom of the head. You can just see the #4 pushrod tube at the bottom of the picture.


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