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@Carlos P posted:

For an oil change -> what is the best oil to use for this engine?

For the fuel ->what is the best Gasoline octane grade for this? 87 89 91?

Carlos, in case you're not aware of it, there's an entire forum dedicated to German air cooled cars called There's an oil there over there that, last I looked, was about 4,000 pages long, with probably the top 5-10 AirCooled experts in the world contributing, along with the rest of us schmoes. Along with the "Bob's the oil guy" website, this is the opinion* that I've arrived at:

In the 50 years since our engines were mainstream, automakers have been under increasing pressure to reduce emissions.  One way they've done that is by specifying oils with decreasing levels of detergents, anti wear (zinc, mostly) and anti-corrosion additives. The good news is that they've also discovered additives that lubricate better and last longer.  

The overwhelming majority of us use our plastic clown cars as toys. Personally, I change my oil annually, "whether it needs it or not."  It's a good year that I drive my car anywhere near 3,000 miles, which us the VW oil change interval (based on 1960 oil.)

Just about any oil you use, provided it has the proper level of zinc (generally thought to be 900-1200 ppm) will be fine  even if you didn't use oil with the proper level of zinc, I think it would be years before you suffered any abnormal wear.

Viscosity is another matter of debate. Up until recently, I've been running straight 40 weight in my engine, but I've succumbed to peer pressure and I'm going to start using the more conventional 10W/40 in the winter and 20W/50 in the summer, just like I did with 4 different VWs I put tens of thousands of miles on back in the 60's-70's.  

There are a few brands that fit the bill. There's the aforementioned Valvoline VR-1, there's Brad Penn, which a lot of guys like.  Being a contrarian, I'm going to start using this, because I think the cans are cool. image

And nd if my motor doesn't like that, I'm going to go back to where it all began because, once again, cool cans.


* "Opinions are like a**holes: everyone has one and everyone's but mine stinks."


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