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Reply to "Who not to buy from?"

Jeff, they're all wonderful. I'm a glutton for punishment, but if I had known Carey Hines existed before I bought my POS ... Well, I'd have bought a Beck.
I've never seen a Vintage I wouldn't own, or a Beck, Intermeccanica, Envemo, SAW ... Lane and Tom are pretty much on the mark. Even most of the Classic Motor Carriages cars that have been successfully built have had their bugs worked out by now. The trick is to see a whole herd of them in the same place and get some stick-time before you commit to one in particular.
Not every make is as reliable or pretty as the next -- but cosmetics don't get you down the road, and ugly finish work doesn't get yout itch scratched. From what I've seen, very few inexpensive replica Speedsters completely cover both bases.
Even the expensive ones may have drawbacks. I'd have to say that Kelly Frazer's JPS is a great car. I think his entire package puts my 100 percent custom car to shame -- as delivered. He had a series of quality control bugs and some cut corners to work out, but they were easily identifiable and customer service is a two-way street.
We took to the streets at about the same time last year, and it took us both about the same amount of time to dial our cars in. Mine is a much simpler car, and shouldn't have taken that long.

Lane, you're off the CMC Christmas card list. ;)


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