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Reply to "WTB Spyder Top"

Jim Gilbert - Madison, Mississippi posted:

Danny, you've exposed yourself for what you are. Bless your heart!

Being northern doesn't make you smart. Your intent was not to provide ANY useful information. You placed yourself into what might have been a negotiation wherein you had no personal interest.

Chris McDonald is well aware that there are no side curtains. I have corresponded with him.

What purpose did your response serve?

I stay out of B.S. on this list that does not concern me. Please be courteous enough to do the same.



As Chris said, he is my friend. Friends are nice to have. I try to help my friends and anyone on here if I can, for the last 15 years. I even help people I've never even met in person, by adjusting their carbs among other things.

So are you attempting to insult my intelligence? LOL, I really don't care what you think.

And he's right, I was responding to Wolfgang/Greg who was also merely trying to help. That would be my purpose.

My friends concern me. 

I really don't know what your axe is Jim, but maybe grind it a bit somewhere else.

Do yourself a favor and block me, it costs you nothing.