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(But "replica" would get it impounded, maybe?)

The Modena GT Spyder: A Masterpiece in Red and Butterscotch

Exterior Elegance:

Step right up and feast your eyes on the Modena GT Spyder, draped in a stunning custom red hue that’s as eye-catching as it is elegant. Every piece of this beauty has been crafted with precision and care. The grill? A marvel of 21 slotted, polished egg crate pieces, each hand-shaped to perfection. The headlight rings and windshield frame? Hand-formed to match the body’s curves, with 3/16 Lexan lenses that have been heated, pressed, and cut to fit just right.

From the bumpers to the Le Mans style gas cap, every chrome and polished detail, including the fender-mounted mirrors and the hood scoop trim, has been meticulously designed. The side vents boast hand-shaped gills set against aluminum, with stainless steel mesh that sparkles like jewelry. And let’s not forget the rocker trim, hand-formed and polished to a mirror finish. Topping it all off? The convertible top, adorned with 17 polished Tenax Fasteners, and a matching boot cover.

Interior Indulgence:

Inside, the Modena GT Spyder is a symphony of butterscotch pleated seats and a sleek black dash, all shouting luxury with Bridge of Weir Scottish leather and Wilton wool carpet, bound in color-matching leather. This is a nod to the 60s Italian design, with period-correct accents like custom Modena Gauges, a Becker style Bluetooth head unit, and unique air vents.

The bright work is just as impressive, with polished or chrome door handles, grab handles, mounted mirrors, chrome shift, and leather power window switches. And for the tech-savvy, there are special ordered state-of-the-art toggle switches mixed with a simple wiring harness. This controls everything from the exterior lighting and engine cooling fan to the wiper assembly and windshield washer sprayer nozzles.

Roomy enough for anyone up to 6’4″, the seating is adjustable and accommodating. The driver pedals are tailor-made for various foot sizes, perfect for heel-toe downshifting.

Sound Symphony:

If the engine’s purr isn’t music to your ears, the 3000 Watt stereo system sure will be. With 10 hidden speakers – four high range, four mid-range, and two ultra-low range subwoofers – it brings an orchestra of sound, even with the top down. And in case of rain or cold, the convertible top can be fastened in a minute, with side windows that encapsulate you from the outside world.

This Modena GT Spyder isn’t just a car; it’s a rolling work of art, ready to dazzle and enchant anyone who lays eyes on it. Don’t miss your chance to experience this blend of classic beauty and modern luxury!

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A friend had an older version of this Modena with a Ford not even close to the

Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder Re-Creation by Stefano Allegretti which sold on BaT in July of 2023

The Modena cars have unattractive wire wheels that stick out of the bodywork, and a big rumpety-rump V-8 does not fit the bill !

The Allegretti car was obviously more expensive, but as close as you can get to an original...



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This may have been the maker of the stunt Ferris cars, you know the one that did the jump and the one that fell of the jack and backed out the garage, but not the one that "showed" out.   Still a nice car and one I could enjoy... but I like I told the guy who tried to sell me a nice low milage (under 6oK) RHD Audi 4000 for $2500... I can't have $2500 worth of fun in that car, but I can have $1500.  😁  (this was back in'88-89)

Now, my answer would be the similar for this (only the decimal would have to move a few places..) I can't have $188,000 worth of fun in that car, but I could certainly have $1,880 worth of fun 🤣 

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