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As Troy said, "It depends.". Do you have other information about the engine you're asking about? Stock build, mild outlaw build, single carb, dual carb, etc. My current car had what I thought was a 1915cc engine with 95 horsepower. I upgraded the carbs which helped increase the hp a little bit. I sold the motor and it turns out it was a 1776 hp motor with about 65 hp. It was a stock maxi-crate motor from VS and similar to all of the other engines they put in their cars.

Very reliable and easy to cool motor. Took me wherever I wanted to go whenever I wanted to go and I never had any real issues without it Any issues I had were unrelated to the engine itself. It was the ancillary things like the coil etc.


The displacement, all by itself, doesn't tell you much about the motor.

Who built it, and the quality of the parts used, are much more important. A well-built 1776 could make more power, run cooler, and be more reliable that a poorly-built 1915.

If you don't know much about these cars and motors, by all means have someone who does look the car over before writing a check.

The days when you could plug in a fresh, high-quality VW motor for cheap are long gone.

'Freeway flyer' can mean different things to different people, but generally, it means the car has 'longer' gearing than stock for lower revs at highway speeds. As Robert said, this is most commonly done by swapping the stock 4.12:1 ring and pinion gear for a 3.88:1. Highly desirable, but only if your motor is making more power than an old, stock VW.

@R Thorpe posted:


interesting this car is a VS car with duel 40 IDF Webber’s, the seller calls it a 1776 but he is not the owner from what I can determine. I assume it is an older recreation but I’m not sure. I hope to find out more tomorrow. Thanks for your interest and amusing tale.  Cheers.  


If it is a VS built car and depending on the year, the motor size may be written on the back of the engine shroud. Get a mirror and a flashlight and have a look at the back of the shroud. If it is an original motor the size may be written back there.

@R Thorpe

FWIW - my previous VS (mfg 1995) came with a 1776 & dual 40 Kadrons. I put 1.25 ratio lifters, A-1 Sidewinder exhaust and external oil cooler cooler. I could cruise that VS for hours at highway speeds without issue (on long interstate trips). I eventually installed larger barrels to increase to 1835cc (just because I had them sitting in the garage). Using it as my daily driver over 14 years, my wife & I logged 100,000 miles of relatively trouble-free motoring all over CA, NV, UT and Colorado. 



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