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More to your original query, Yes, there are a number of JPS owners on here, all with stories to tell about their build experience and car quality.  Dealing with John Steele can be an interesting experience.

Some have air cooled cars, some have Subaru powered cars, most of them are Speedster bodies but there are a half dozen or more JPS coupes, too.

Be patient for a day or so and I'm sure someone will pop in.

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@Phisaac  after 2 yrs my JPS coupe is well sorted and pretty much "turn key"....which i did some clean up on my own dime to make happen...but 2 plus yrs of waiting for it and dealing with JOHN STEELE? aka DR JEKYLL or MR HYDE?...(depending on the day)...well ,lets just say he is a unique piece of work and thankfully just a pain full short, let the buyer beware...i have gladly shared my thoughts with those who want any info to help them avoid potential grief concerning that intermittently psychotic personality ...which those of us that know will agree is very factual

It's interesting that the buyer of that JPS speedster on BaT, also has a $1.507mil bid on the BMW 507 currently up for auction on BaT.  When asked about it through the reader's comments, his reply was: "two different purposes.  507 for vintage rallies, this [the JPS speedster] for thrashing daily."

The top of that JPS appears loose.  When asked about it through the comment section, the seller advised it may be wise to purchase a new top......which I find a bit odd for a car recently completed.

John Steele has probably built a dozen cars in that Slate Gray over deep red combination since John Leader's car back in '02. I've always loved it and would totally ape it if I ever built again.

I think the car was well bought for $30,250. It's a swing-axle car, but it's got a camber compensator, adjustable spring plates, cross-drilled 4 wheel discs, the super-roomy tube frame, and has a 2332. A few changes (like ash-canning the Chamonix steering wheel and changing the column for something more period correct), a bumper delete, some re-doing of the faux-Fuchs (ala el Guapo), and that car would be pretty righteous.

I've got no dog in the hunt, but after watching that pan-based IM go for about 2.4x as much a week or so ago-- I think somebody walked off with one of the better BaT values of the year.

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