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It’s time... after several years of thinking we’d get our build built, we need to downsize and our “Rosie” has to go. Approx. 75% complete, and have all (we think) parts & hardware. Garaged & covered; motor hasn’t been started but has been spun so know it’s not seized. 1991 CMC body. Paperwork includes assembly manual, ownership certificate, etc.

$14,000 or best offer. You ship from Vancouver WA. Serious inquiries only, please.

Start the new year with a new (to you) project that promises great summer driving!


Images (7)
  • 69893F92-3F5F-48E9-A4ED-D510DF62D24D
  • 73FC908A-1A42-4991-A605-3B7D62852A5A: New foam kit from World Upholstery
  • 9EA5DC04-F846-4C2E-929E-22D0EDA49168
  • EC602FF1-068F-414B-881B-84D81A646954: sorry- no idea why this flipped.
  • C4155AED-29B3-4FA3-8E12-2649BF6E7045: Top; also have tonneau
  • D1B6B7A5-445C-4718-9BAF-40A13DE883DC: Shows with & without new foam kit.
  • 90D496F2-B354-4717-8089-092B93AE3687: Also have wiring harness, windshield, etc.
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