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This is a fully restored and upgraded speedster replica from Intermeccanica. The rebuilt engine is equipped with electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition for performance, reliability and seamless driving at any altitude. Additional features are electronically controlled warm-up and idle speed control for easy driving. This engine has the Hoover modifications to improve oil flow and cooling. There are 11,500 miles on this restoration.

The totally new, fully leather interior features comfortable seats, padded dash, door storage and cushioned rear package tray. Safety was enhanced with reinforced 3 point shoulder harnesses, always on LED driving lights, brighter Hella halogen headlights, brighter brake and turn signal LED lights, a third brake light hidden in the rear louvers, 4 way flashers and a compact fire extinguisher.

This car handles beautifully and is comfortable enough to take on long cruises. It creates excitement everywhere it goes.

Oil change, filter, valve adjustment and new fan belt completed this month.

This car was restored with the guidance of the kind souls on this forum and extensive documentation and pictures are available in my build thread as well as my thread on using an ECU for fuel injection and electronic ignition:

The car was finished with a mild outlaw configuration, but the unmounted, original bumpers painted to match the body are included. The car is located on Maui and the price is lowered to reflect the cost of shipping.




Full body-off restoration of fiberglass and chassis, prepped with House of Klear/SPI epoxy sealers & primers

Painted with Porsche Arctic Silver and SPI clear coats

New leather interior and seats from Vintage Motorcars

New convertible top and boot

New carpet and chassis soundproofing

Classic Nardi steering wheel

Rebuilt Porsche VDO gauges

New VDO oil pressure gauge and dashboard clock

New classic style bluetooth radio/media player with under dash speakers

Porsche 911 15” Fuchs wheels, rear 5.5” front 5”

New Stoddard rear view mirrors and badges

New dashboard switches and knobs

New Custom air conditioning installation with in-dash and under-dash ball vents

New Cocoa mats

New extra large 12.5 gallon gas tank

New side rails

Rebuilt frame

Rebuilt door mounts

New German floor pans

Completely rust proofed with POR15 followed by truck bed sealer

New cables and lines

New Steering Box and steering damper

New Pedal assembly including extra spacing between brake and clutch

New Shift kit

Odyssey PC925 battery located in custom bracket in nose

356 Carrera/GT style engine lid with luggage rack

New Hella Vision Plus H4 halogen headlights

New LED parking and brake lights

Original bumpers painted to match not mounted, but included

Registered as a Porsche street rod replica


Always-on LED driving lights

Extra brake lights mounted inside engine lid

Custom 3 point safety belts with reinforced shoulder harness mounts

Hella Supertone twin horns

4 way emergency flashers


Fully rebuilt 1776 VW motor with 11,500 miles - runs perfectly

9:1 compression ratio

New CB Performance Panchito heads

New CB Performance port matched manifolds

New electronic fuel injection and ignition system (details below)

New IDF 45mm individual throttle bodies

New Bosch 0986221048 Electronic Ignition

New Engle 110 cam and gear

New SCAT lightened and balanced connecting rods

New lightened (13 lb) flywheel and clutch

New 69 mm crankshaft (counterweighted)

New piston and liner set (90.5 mm)

New hardened race lifters

New Gene Berg rocker arms

New pushrods

New gaskets and bearings

New SCAT valve covers

New Gene Berg balanced and welded fan

New CBP degree performance pulley

New full flow oil pump (30 mm )

New bearings and gasket and pushrod tubes

New Bosch 044 fuel pump

New Compufire 90 amp alternator

New IMI heavy duty starter

New 30mm oil pump

New CB Performance Thin Line deep oil sump

New Derale 16 pass external oil cooler with thermostat and fan

New external oil filter

New AN fittings and stainless braided hoses for oil and fuel

Reconditioned dual oil relief case

Case, lifters, rocker arms treated with Hoover modifications for oil flow

New chromoly head studs and new case savers

New Vintage Speed 1.5" exhaust system

New J tubes

New sheet metal

Fully balanced and flowed


Speeduino ECU

Bosch 0986221048 Electronic Ignition Module

Bosch 0280130012 cylinder head temperature sensor

17lb/hr Accel fuel injectors

CBP MAGNASPARK crankshaft position sensor kit

Bosch 3 wire idle air control valve

Spartan2 O2 sensor system

Custom ECU wiring harness

VW Speedshop IDF 45mm Individual Throttle Bodies

Software tuned for ITBs using Alpha-N configuration

Software tuned to accommodate large altitude changes

Software tuned for air conditioning

Spare ignition module included


New Rancho Performance Transaxles Pro Street IRS Super Diff

Aluminum Side Cover

Welded 3-4 Hubs

Hardened Keys


All new brakes including rotors, drums, pads, lines, cylinders, studs, bearings including:

New Front disk brakes

New Rear drums

New Axle seal kit

New German brake hoses

New Rear wheel bearings

New Front wheel bearings

New Master Cylinder

New Brake switches

New ATE rotors

New Front calipers

New Brake pads

New Brake shoes

New Spring kit

New Wheel cylinders

New Stud kit

New Backing plates

New Drive Shafts

New New Tie Rod ends

New shocks, rubbers, bushings, etc

New 19mm front and rear sway bars

Torsion bars adjusted for vehicle weight


New custom Wiring Harness

New fuse and relay boxes

Interior lights converted to LED


1 small hairline cracks in the fiberglass

2 small door dings near driver's door

Fuchs need cleanup/repainting

1/8" tear on canvas top near windshield


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