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1957 Speedster Replica for sale. $29,500.00 OBO

67 VW beetle chassis.
California registration through good through November 2020
CMC body. Kit was originally finished / made road worthy by Vintage Speedsters in 1999/2000. I purchased in 2014 where it went back to Vintage for some final tweaks.
Vintage Speedster Interior


  • Generic Vintage Speedster interior / comfort seats
  • New ball joints, spring packs, steering dampener, beam shims
  • New CSP discs
  • New AC Industries discs
  • New AC Industries dual zone Master Cyl (on car)
  • New CSP big bore Master Cyl (needs to be installed)
  • Carter Electric fuel pump 
  • Brand new Rancho adjustable rear spring plates
  • 'RideTech' shocks custom valves & sized for the speedster weight and height. 
  • Optimia Red Top battery.
  • PILES and PILES of receipts (don’t show my wife…)
  • Completely new mechanical gear from bumper to bumper. 
  • Paint is older and showing it's age.
  • Gel coat has usual cracks and spiderwebs. 


  • Gene Berg 5-speed. Built by Gary Berg. Tons of build photos
  • About 500 miles on it 
  • Nearly all new parts.
  • Dual heavy-duty side plates.
  • Beef-a-diff (4 spider gears), 
  • 88 R/P - 3.80, 2.06, 1.48, 1.17, .089 for gears. Heavy duty 3rd and 4th.
  • Very solid transmission. No expense spared. 


  • CB Performance 2054. Strong runner.
  • Top end / 3 angle valve job 3250 miles ago.
  • Dual 44IDF Webers w/ Jet Doctors and Velocity stacks.
  • SyncLink carb linkage.
  • High amp alternator.
  • Heavy Duty oil pump.
  • Full flow case
  • Spin on remote oil filter.
  • Vintage Speed Air Cleaners and Oil FIller.
  • Clydes Buggies breather box. 
  • Setrab remote oil cooler & Fan with a 180 degree thermostat switch. 
  • New MagnasparkII distributor, coil and CB Performance fat wires. (two of these!) 
  • “Save my bug” dipstick / dash light integration to keep an eye on oil temps
  • Stainless A1 Sidewinder.  The header/extractor is scraped up on the bottom trailing edge from my driveway. 
  • Slimline Sump plate (1.5qt)  CB Performance 
  • JayCee Mag X sump plate with magnetic drain plug


Interior / other

  • VDM Replica steering wheel by Mike Lemptert
  • Vintage Speed 5 speed classic shifter.
  • Original 356 Umbrella handbrake bell crank (under dash).
  • Original 356 gauges rebuild by Helmut in Palo Alto.  The fuel gauge needs a new sending unit OR Helmut needs to swap out the little gauge part.
  • Bosch 356 reproduction ignition switch and bezel.   
  • Vintage Speedster interior.
  • 2 extra "Speedster style" seats 
  • Original CMC top. There is a tear on one of the sides by the front most snap. Serviceable but old.
  • Excellent side curtains
  • The carpet is old yet serviceable. I had planned to replace it.
  • Coco Mats
  • Reshaped pedals to accept 356 size/shape pedals.
  • Full 1/2 zip tonneau cover in black.
  • All mirrors & badges & Hood handle are from Sierra Madre
  • H4 Headlights
  • Vintage Hella fluted lenses.
  • Horns are from a 1967 Cadillac. 4 horns. LOUD & awesome sound
  • Vintage Speedster side / belt trim. I have the correct Sierra Madre trim to place on the car. Need to order the 1.5" door pieces from Intermeccanica.
  • All new rubber for the bumpers and side deco included.
  • Full front trunk carpet from Vintage.
  • 1967 YOM Black Plates
  • Drop Spindles on the car / Standard spindles included.
  • Adjustable front beam
  • Comes with custom tow bar and lights
  • Many extra parts


Wheels and Tires

  • IMMACULATE TechnoMagnesio wheels. I paid $3200.00 for the four wheels
  • Pirelli tires.   
  • Also included - 5 chrome mangles with chrome moon hubcaps
  • Black “race studs’ wheel lugs and wheel studs. 


I need to shoot some better photos when the car is clean. I will upload some photos of the interior once I find time.   *Sorry Troy about the last photo!!!* I'll update with better photos soon




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@Robert M - That thought had crossed my mind more than once.  

I did learn of a new scam today! One guy texted me and asked "Can you run a vin report on, which redirects to and some other sites/info.

I looked it up and apparently there is some scam where the 'buyer' asks you to search the vin off one of those sites which then charges you $20.00... and that money goes to... some group (possibly the guy?) who asked you to run the report.   

Not sure if that's what's going on here but I'm not really willing to take the risk.

Last edited by TRP
@Sacto Mitch posted:


Ted, presentation is everything.

This VS is currently at $35K on BaT (with 2 days still to go), and it has half the mechanical goodies your car does. (VS stock 1915, Kadrons, 8-slot steel wheels, rear drums, etc.)

But, lots of lush pix and a slick video with hipster jazz and drone shots.

Score some string-back driving gloves, an Autodromo watch, and get back in the game.



Ted, pull the sale... cancel it... done. I bought both your motors. Remember??? Well documented on this maddening madness site. Your speedster has gems and is worth a LOT more then what you’re asking.

I can give you asking price, but I wouldn’t pull the trigger because you can get more.

I’d be happy to borrow it, work on it, and make it purrrr. I built mine years ago and it’s a joy to drive and (with the help of this site) has no issues.

@MusbJim help me install one of your engines I got, on my birthday, in the rain, and we cruised. Sell the something else; stay with us

@TRP posted:

I had another scammer call/text exchange today.  Phone rings and I answer:  "I'm calling about your car, is it still for sale? (click... and he hangs up)."

2 minutes later I start getting texts:

2020-08-11 18_01

It was like two one sided conversations happening in parallel. 

Sellers beware! 

I had seen them use other people AD as theirs so don’t be surprise if they use your pictures. 

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