I'll be sad to see it go but recent family situation makes it necessary. 

2013 Build in excellent condition. 1914cc engine with dual carbs. One owner, black with red leather interior, always garaged and covered, just under 8000 miles. Black full and red quarter tonneau covers, side curtains with cover. Replica Leitz luggage rack with suitcase and Dusty Johnson leather straps. H4 headlights, Petronix ignition, Cocoa mats, Sony radio, Several other extras.

Asking $27500 obo. Must sell soon.




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Troy Sloan posted:
Stan Galat posted:

All Vintage Speedsters were swing, Al. 

Not sure where you got that impression from Stan.  Mine was IRS and I've had several others that were also IRS.

Were your VS IRS cars wide bodies or classic, Troy?

I was under the impression that the Kirk's classic bodied cars were all converted to swing whether they started out as swing-axle or IRS because this is what a variety of VS owners reported in threads back in the day.

In this thread from 6/5/13 (dealing specifically with this subject), Terry Nuckels posted,

"There are far more swing-axle beetles than IRS. I believe Kirk sets up all his cars as swing-axle unless you specify."

In the same thread, (June, 2013) Joel Abraham posted,

"my 2006 vintage speedster is also built on a 69 pan and it was converted to swing axle which was  disappointing. I called Kirk and he told me that he converts all to swing axles because the IRS is slightly wider and will not  fit under the body."

In this thread from 9/9/13, Joel Abraham again posted,

"I have a 2006 Vintage speedster that I bought used a few years ago that was built on a 1969 pan so I assumed that I was getting IRS. When I got it home I discovered that it had been converted to swing axle. The brackets are still there. I called Kirk and he told me that he converts all to swing axle because IRS is wider and won't clear the rear fenders."

I should have said, "I believe all classic bodied Vintage Speedsters were swing, unless requested otherwise, Al."  Or perhaps nothing at all, since I didn't know if he had one of the specially requested IRS cars or not.

Regardless, it's a beautiful car, and I wish the OP the best on his sale.



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