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Gentlemen, wanna drive like James Bond? Or James Dean? Ladies, wanna feel like Grace Kelly?

This gorgeous piece of sleek eye-catching machinery was created in 1976, the body is set on a 1967 VW Bug chassis, and then lovingly, totally rebuilt in 2017.

Here are the technical details and upgrades:

Front discs & new master cylinder - 2019.

1/2" front sway bar, rear camber bar - late 2019.

LED rear lights, LED brake lights - 2018.

LED center brake light (for visibility, removable).

**All parts on body and interior are genuine Porsche parts.**

Body is fiberglass.

Epoxy paint.

Car weighs around 1500 lbs.


Engine rebuild (2017) details:

Everything inside the motor replaced: main bearings, cam bearings, high-performance tappet, high-performance pushrod, big valve heads, oil filter and pressure sender, oil temp sender, big oil cooler behind fan, stroker crank and 90.3mm pistons, high-performance cam (3/4 race cam), 38mm two-barrel Weber carbs, K&N air filters, quiet headers, "quiet" extractor muffler, high-performance rocker arms and shafts, resurfaced flywheel, 210mm clutch, engine and transmission mounts, heater boxes, high-volume oil pump, high-performance head studs


This car is very quick and agile, and a joy to drive. I mean, it's just sex on wheels.

Oh -- and it also just had an oil change and timing was done.


Please contact Don: 203.451.0623

Car is in CT.





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There were/are more than one Intermeccanica.
Automobili Intermeccanica and Intermeccanica International.

This looks to be an Automobili Intermeccanica built on a VW pan. You can tell by the Intermeccanica stamp on the hatch hinge. The manufacturing process was sold to CMC/FiberFab in the early 80s.

Intermeccanica International, currently builds tube framed cars.


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