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I organize a car club near our home in north Gerogia. And we do a few Cruise Ins every year. And often some really great cars show up. This is a clip from last Saturday. A friend recent got a rare 356, and I was surprised / happy he brought it to our group. So I threw together this quick video. Not going to win any awards, but I thought you guys might be interested in it. (My car is the blue IM Roadster next to  his.)



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John is a friend of mine and is quite intelligent. He has a 1973 911s that  he bought new and another 356 cabriolet he has had for decades. All in pristine condition. And all driven.
All I can say is he got a fantastic price (much less than the numbers being bounced around here) on this Roadster, and he took best of show at the Atlanta Concourse with both of his cars in their respective categories.. 
So ... I guess quality, value, investment, beauty, ... are in the eye of the beholder. Personally I thought it was pretty dang decent of him to bring it to our small rural Cruise In and show it off.
I certainly enjoyed and appreciated having a close look and a spirited drive in it.

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