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I have too many cars and I have to part with the Puma. I love this car and have been driving it every day since getting the Monster 2.8L type 4 engine back in and running as it should. I have been trying to convince myself into not selling the car but must. It is a very nice 1977 Puma GTE Brazilian built Sports car. The body is in good shape. The paint is a good driver quality base coat clear coat metallic viper blue. The interior is very nice with new looking carpet and twotone bucket seats no rips or tears. The car comes with 16" aluminum wheels off of a Porsche 944 and the original 14" aluminum Puma wheels in excellent condition. 4 wheel disc brakes. Rust free detailed pan. The Transaxle is a new Rancho Pro suby swing axle built in a Rhino case with Kafer bar support. The gearing is taller and was made to work with a Subaru 2.5L engine and is a perfect match for the HP and TQ of the 2.8L type 4 engine. The Transaxle cost $4700.00. The gearing is 3.88 R&P 1st-3.11, 2nd-1.93, 3rd-1.22 and 4th-.82  . With the 16" wheels and tires it turns 3700 rpm at 70mph. The engine is professionally built and fully balanced with all new top of the line parts. 2.8L type 4 with a Raby DTM V2 cooling fan shroud, 82mm counter weighted Crank shaft, new bearings, 104 JE forged pistons and thick wall cylinders with piano wire modification on top surface to bite into a annealed copper head gasket to perfectly seal the head to cylinder. The heads are new Hoffman (HAM) built LE200 heads. See specs at this link, LE200 Type 4 Cylinder Heads - LE200 Cylinder Heads - Cylinder Heads - Type 4 Store ( The wait for them is 3-4 months and the price is $4400.00. They are considered the bench mark in best of the best performance type 4 head available. Exhaust is removed via a stainless Ahnen B.A.S. 4 into 1 header feeding into an A-1 polished stainless muffler which keeps the monster to a quiet mature growl. The cam is a Web cam 86B/86C dual duration cam, see the specs here: Web Cam Type 4 Camshaft, 86B/86C Split Duration Grind, (In/Ex) 300/310 Duration, .500/.507" Lift), Solid Lifters, 00-662 - Aircooled.Net VW Parts. The connecting rods are H beam 5.325" and push rods are chrome molly. The oil is cooled via a remote cooler mounted in the front truck and the temps are controlled by a Setrab oil thermostat and an inline oil temp. switch turns the oil cooler fan on at 160 degrees. The oil temps never go above 180 degrees. The 44 Weber carbs are modified with a CB performance update kit that removes the secondary venturis in place of a spray bar to atomize the fuel more efficiently and give the engine more power, the choke tubes are increased to 38mm . The carbs are mounted on match ported CSP intake manifolds. The compression ratio is set at 9.5:1 and the engine runs with tons of power on 93 octane and idles smoothly and is a all around joy to drive. The shifter is a Vintage Speed and the throttle linage is a Vintage Speed Bell crank center push style which perfectly syncs the carbs. The low estimate on the HP/TQ are 220/240. The low estimate of what I have in the engine is $16k, add the Rancho transaxle and we are up to $20700.00. I will be listing the car on Ebay and Samba for $26k. I will offer it to a SOC member for $24K. Questions, call Jim Vickers 812-972-4516.


Images (20)
  • Puma 4-25-22 1
  • Puma 4-25-22 4
  • Puma 4-27-22 2
  • Puma 4-28-22 3
  • Puma 4-28-22 2
  • Puma 4-28-22 1
  • Puma 2.8L type 4 magic hour pic 10-31-2020
  • Puma 2.8L type 4 exhaust
  • Puma wheels 2
  • Puma GTE Rancho Pro Suby Rhino case transaxle 2
  • Puma GTE Rancho Pro Suby Rhino case transaxle
  • Type 4  2.8 L  monster engine installedl 2
  • Type 4  2.8 L CSP intakes 2
  • Type 4 with Vintage Speed bellcrank linkage 2
  • type 4 2.8L LE200 heads finally arrive 1
  • Type 4 2.8L underview 3
  • Puma 4-27-22 9
  • Puma 4-27-22 10
  • Puma dash
  • Puma interior
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