I'm looking at the possibility of putting a 2 liter 914 motor (GA case) into my car. CMC car on a 75 VW chassis. I know some are running type iv's but that's about it.

I'm currently running a 1915 that I built up from a fuely case with dual dell 40's

Thanks, Michael

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I recall at least a dozen here from Jack C hi-mile Raby engine to PepeSpeed's hot twin plug Raby engine along with more stock installs like Cory's/Leon.  Don't recall any going with the OEM fuel injection (which wasn't designed for performance - just emissions). Many convert to upright cooling whether it be Raby's DTM, Cali's DIY kit or a 911 (Sharpe is one) look system.  The engine will fit even in the stock flat engine configuration and is probably easier to work on in that layout.  The rear CMC cross brace would be tight but could be moved back a few inches.  You'd need a compatible flywheel as the forged 914 one is not without a lot of machining.  The cast bus one is often used.  The upright cooling an easy $1k - it's the exhaust that can be costly.  Think the twin plug had a Tangerine Racing exhaust.

I've got a 2L and a 1.8 with all the bits needed waiting for inspiration to do same. I'd do either the Cali upright or just go flat pan cake.  It just seems like a stronger core to work from - but Raby seems to have even abandoned it for Subaru engines. 


Here's photo of a stock flat install in a CMC Speedster. (Don't know who's Speedster).



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