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Longtime lurker here and am unfortunately parting ways with my Beck (to move onto a '59 coupe).

What:  2006 Beck Speedster #117.  This car was apparently updated to 2010 specifications before it was sold by Beck.  It was kept as a demo/display car prior to being sold.  

Mileage:  Currently at 26,000km or 16,120 miles

Where: SF Bay Area - Millbrae, CA

Registration:  The car is titled as a 2010 Chamonix with a Year Model of 1957.  The car has held this California title since 2010 and transferred (without problem) to me a year ago.  I was only looking at SB100/SPCNS CA cars before this but was able to legally transfer the title to my name.  Before purchasing the vehicle, I double-checked the VIN and transfer process with the Bureau of Automotive Repair (800-952-5210) as well as the CA DMV.

Who:  If interested, please post here or email me directly at 57beck356 at gmail dot com.

Problems:  The previous owner had cracked the front-passenger-side bumper/fender but had the fiberglass repaired.  The bumper was remounted with a bent, bumper bracket ($20 fix but a few hours to change) so that the front bumper is uneven.  

Car Options and Add-Ons:

-1915cc 125hp motor with 3.88 final drive

- dash-grab handle

- Nardi steering wheel

- Nardi shift knob
- chrome starter button
- chrome interior door pulls
- stereo system (I've used this once, and it's pretty terrible.  The few times I listen to music in the car, I bring a bluetooth speaker.) with leather-matched, radio pod
- fluted, headlight lenses with HID lights installed.  The previous owner installed these, and they're really bright white which is nice for night-time visibility.  If I were to have these redone, I'd opt for the yellow-ish color HID's which would look more period correct while still providing better-than-stock visibility.  
- European bumper guards (front and rear)
- full, tonneau cover
Pictures:  See below.  Also, the paint is dulled down a bit to make it look a bit more vintage.  The paint looks like it has a satin finish instead of fresh, glossy/shiny paint. 


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This looks like a great deal, but additional photos, including interior and engine compartment, would encourage more response. Also, more details about the engine internals, engine builder, transmission builder, etc, would help, if you have them.

The bay area is usually a pretty hot market for Speedsters, especially Becks. Properly presented, I'd think it would have sold there by now. Tell us a little about how you've gone about trying to sell it and we may be able to help you with that.



We're moving out of speedster buying season as a lot of these cars just go in storage for the winter - but I see this as a buying opportnity! 

I actually test drove this car - It really moves quite fast, drives well, and looks well built.

The car comes with fantastic photos - but as the description says, the paint is dulled down. Some prefer a more period and vintage look. I thought the car was GREAT. I was very close to pulling the trigger given the price point, but then decided last minute to build one from scratch. 

After talking to Greg from Vintage Motorcars in California, I thought it was worth paying the extra to go custom and get the car delivered in 8 weeks. However, this car was very NEAT. Even when we were stopped at a Stop Light, we had everyone looking at the car - it gets a lot of attention as it deserves. 

I found this seller to be transparent, honest with anything that needed fixing on the car (not much, really), patient, and open to making a deal.  If I wasn't building my own, i would have bought this already. 

WOW, Guys!  Thank you all for the wonderful and informative notes!  I've been offline and buried in work for the last week or so; didn't see all these posts until this afternoon.


TRP and Stan, thank you =).  Cheers!

Sacto Mitch, just took a few more photos this afternoon.  Will post them here shortly.  Regarding the engine, I reached out to Carey Hines (who has ALWAYS been very helpful and highly informative), and he gave me a brief background on the motor.  In 2006 BSC put in a 1776cc engine (Solex carbs, eat 90-100hp) as the car served as a show/display car for BSC up until 2010.  The car was brought up to 2010 specs by both BSC then Carey's team when it was returned to Indiana in 2010.  It was then sold to the first owner here in CA.  The owner said that the motor is a 1915cc CB high performance, but I have not found any paperwork to verify it.  Sent multiple pictures of the 6-bolt pan (which came with both the "regular" motors and early Beck 356's).  I've been in a few 70-100 hp Beck 356's, and this car pulls stronger.  The only other hi-performance CB 1915cc cars that I've compared mine to here in the Bay Area have been 550's.

Speedster! - thank you for the kind words!  It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your other 4-wheeled baby.  I'm looking forward to seeing the new creation from Vintage as well!!



Nice looking car; sorry to hear you're selling (I hope you get as much enjoyment out of the coupe). Was the paint dulling a topical process (that can maybe be cut polished through to bring out the full gloss if someone so desired) or was a flattening agent mixed in when it was originally painted? I see the engine has Webers or Dellortos (or HPMX's or...)- do you know what camshaft/rockers, heads/porting/ valve sizes and compression ratio are in it to make 125 hp? Drums or discs? And as Todd asked, is it irs or swingaxle?


No worries - new adventures to come =).  

I don't think that the full gloss can come back without a paintjob.  However, a half dozen or so paint specialists have come up to me at car shows/meetups telling me otherwise.  I never looked into salvaging the paint as I kinda liked the old/patina look.  I'm unsure if any chemical agents were used to change the paint.

I'm unsure of the engine specs.  I was in contact with Carey Hines, and he mentioned that the car was brought back to Beck/Indiana in 2010 before it was sold.  He has no information on the motor unfortunately.  I do have compression #'s (from the PPI I did a year ago).  I'll try to find them.

Front brakes are disc; rear are drums.  Swingaxle Beck.

Hmmm, starts, idles, and runs strongly (from the 3-4 different shops that I've been too + the butt dyno of other owners).  

Could those numbers be more accurate if the engine was a 1776cc engine supplied and installed by BSC.  This was the original engine from 2006.  There's no records of any engine changes when the car was brought back to Carey Hines/Beck in 2010 (but Carey said that the engine could be different...we just haven't confirmed what it is).


Either way, may have to get it compression checked again just to make sure.


Very interesting regarding the valve adjustment.  I didn't know that could affect compression.
The car was in much need of a service (oil change and valve adjustment) when I purchased it a year ago.  Both services have been done, and I'm going to get it rechecked again just to be safe.

Valve adjustment would be minor compression loss - too tight and they wouldn't close totally (but would then burn valves/seats quickly). Valve stems stretch too over time (before they break off causing severe damage).  I'd think you'd see blue smoke or hear huffing noises if more than one cylinder was below 100 psi. Hopefully, you just got a bad reading or gauge that day.  I like the gauge with a flexible screw in hose (vs just the push rubber seal - hard to use on VW due to cooling tin). Below is $27 from HF.

Pittsburgh® Automotive 62638 Compression Test Kit 8 Pc

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