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Auretium green

Light sand (tan) Interior

Built by Vintage Speedsters in 2011 on a 1968 VW pan

I purchase in May 2014 with 2,999 miles (previous owner was Tom Boney)

Currently ~8,250 miles

Winner of 9 trophies in local car shows

It was in the Speedster Owners calendar several years ago (parked near sunflowers)

Super nice overall shape. Some wear on seats, some nicks on the front end from stones. Small area where paint is crazed top driver side fender (see pic). I just don’t use it anymore. Time to sell.

Build Sheet:

1,915 cc Ranscon motor

   Piston size 94 mm

   Stroke 69 mm

   Compression ratio 7.9-1

   Empi carbs

Front disc brakes

3:88 freeway flyer, 4 speed transmission

Trunk carpet

12v plug

Kill switch

Tri-mil exhaust

External oil filter and cooler

Camber compensator

Front sway bar

Coco mats

California car cover (has 2 holes from hitting hot exhaust)

Tonneau cover

Tan canvas top

Vinyl side curtains


2014- cruzin windows (Troy Sloan)

2014- mesh headlight grills (Sierra Madre)

2014- 3” racing seat belts (Crow Enterprises)

2014 - oversized ivory shift knob (American Shifter Co.)

2014 - lnstalled LED stop light hidden inside rear grill

2015 - new push rods

2015- Porsche 912 hubcaps (Stoddard)

2015 - powder coated steel wheels (Special Edition) and Pirelli P7 185/60-15 tires

2015 - driver foot rest (Sierra Madre)

2015 - “aero” German-made mirror, convex lens (Sierra Madre)

2016-  Derrington-style wood steering wheel and Porsche horn button

2016 - door panels (Vintage Speedsters)

2018 - battery

2020 - electronic ignition and coil (Pertronix)



Images (15)
  • Top up
  • Top up
  • Side curtains and full tonneau
  • Engine
  • New coil
  • Engine is clean
  • All gauges work
  • Badge
  • Some wear on seat
  • 356 badge
  • Small paint chips on front
  • Rear shot
  • Pirelli P7s have plenty of tread left
  • Some crazing. iPad could not pick it up
  • Top is hardly used
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It is certainly bittersweet, but I enjoyed my time with the car althought the constant thumbs up and honking horns from admirers does get old after a while. Or when someone is trying to take a pic while doing 70 MPH on the highway wth their car creeping over to the Speedster. That said, I will enjoy parking in the garage when there is a foot of snow on the ground.

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