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Reluctantly, It's time to sell my Vintage Motorcars (Hawaiian Gardens) 356 Speedster.  Excellent Running condition, a blast to drive.  A couple very small nicks, but basically perfect.  1915cc Engine with A/C.  Twin Solex/Kadron carbs.  About 7,900 Miles (12,900 km).  Excellent condition.  Like new, rarely used top, tonneau cover and boot.  Includes  a set of acrylic Cruzin’ Windows, Spare Tire, Fog Lights, European 2-tone tail lights, luggage rack, hood straps (not installed).  Bluetooth radio with surface mounted speakers. Cocoa mats.  Reuters badging.  Recent Oil change and valve adjustment.  Upgraded Electronic Ignition and Coil.  Runs perfectly, as expected.  $46,500 OBO.   Located in Chicago Suburbs.  For more info call Howard - 847-826-0060 or email me at


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