FYI ONLY FOR NOW: So, here we go again, this is this year's Carlisle 2017 shirt offering. Hold your horses for the time being. I will be posting ordering information and pricing after I get a quote from my printer next week. They will be offered in the usual sizes. Both long and short sleeve will come with the same art front and back (large on the back and small on the front). Hooded sweat shirts will only have a large print on the front. The shirt color is "Natural", an off white color. I hope you like them. DO NOT SEND ANY ORDER INFO UNTIL I POST THE PROPER INFO. I WILL HAVE A DEADLINE FOR ORDERING SOMETIME LATE APRIL.

Crash Test Dummy Guy


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Rich I shattered my elbow on my right arm last year and could not shift ....  this year I am doing all I can to get there  

If your serious aboot the golf shirt I'll take you up on your offer and you can print it like the others front and back

Thanks for  this



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