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Hi Everyone,


I have put my car for sale on Ebay. I have a friend who is a dealer and he is handling the sale for me.

It can be sold through the dealer or privately with me if anyone is interested.

Most of you on here know the car, but there is a full list of details in the ad.




2017 Intermecaanica 356 Pre A


Original Post

With the 900 series, read it as 914 front end, I believe it is, this is a totally different roadster/speedster to a beam front end. Plus Tom has the advantage or a huge trunk due to the dual rad and gaz tank being relocated low in front.  It is as close as it gets to a new build, Just saying. 

Tom's car is sweet, it ran really well down in the NC mountains! GLWTS.

Bob, Tom really enjoyed himself on that trip, I'm sure.

Great car!  To sell it for that much, you may consider getting a professional do the photos and upload them.  The ones on eBay are quite distorted.  It’s better than the pictures represent, which you can change fortunately.


 Good luck with the sale.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the comments.

As far as the front end goes,I believe I have the 1st car with the 914 suspension and wide 5 discs. I am not sure if Henry has built any more, but I do not think he has produced many cars since mine was finished.

Concerning the price, it has been a challenge trying to figure out the right number.Henry told me if he was going to build that car today, it would be close to a 90K build.I am open to offers if there is someone out there looking for this type of car.

In response to Bob's statement,I have enjoyed the car and there are no underlying issues. It has been to the Smokies twice and I have had a lot of fun driving it.

My life is very busy right now, and I just do not utilize the car the way is should be driven. I have more miles on my tractor and gator than I do on this car over the last 2 years.

Regarding the pics, I didn't realize the distortion until it was mentioned to me offline as well as here on the forum.

I wish I had the skills of Troy, in my opinion ,he puts together the best ads I have ever seen in regards to these cars.

I had a friend edit out the P badges and I think that created the distortion in some of them.I will work on getting some better images.

here is a link to the originals https://www.pjmatthewsimages.c...graphy/1955-Porsche/

The car is on the rack now, so if anyone's interested and wants additional pics,I am happy to take them and get them out to you.

I hope everyone is staying safe and well and I wish you all a Happy Memorial Day weekend.




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