**2018 Calendar Now Available

Ryan in NorCal posted:

If you’re looking to purchase the large format, use the large calendar item instead of stretching the medium format. @Theron can confirm, but it looks like he may have had to submit larger photos for that item and may be higher quality.


(I made this mistake and cancelled my first order for the large format)

That is correct. The larger format uses higher resolution photos.

Ryan in NorCal posted:

@RichardMaxwell, thank you for an amazing cover this year! Can you tell us more about that day?

@RYAN IN NORCAL. glad it made the cut.

I have to say the track day was a last minute thing. So off l went totally unprepared. Forgot about tyre pressures and totally forgot to set the shocks to hard. With no track experience under the belt and with a fresh built engine it was all a learning curve. Anyway didn’t get carried away with myself and just took my time to familiarise myself with the layout of the track and start to get a feel for the new power plant. Overhaul it was a great day and towards the end I got the tyres screeching in a few corners. What a buzz. Next time l will be more prepared...

Heres a short clip.


Troy Sloan posted:
Will Hesch posted:

Ryan, I didn't take January

don't have a drone and wasn't at the TDH

Although I'm frequently mistaken for Will by Robert and Teby, the group photo was taken by me, from a bluff above the parking lot, while risking life and limb just to get the photo for all of you, not by a drone. 

They're both blind, you're much better looking than me

but my hair's longer, if that counts...

Troy Sloan posted:
Ryan in NorCal posted:

Great work @RichardMaxwell! Love the video!

Saving the rest of the screenshots here for posterity. Can't wait to get mine!

Ryan's picture of January is cropped.  Here is the full picture with all 8 cars. 20170908_125841

You’re spot on. I was trying to reduce black bars on the thumbnails. Afterward I ended up buying another calendar with all the black bars removed. I thought about trying to photoshop more sky or more parking lot to make the ratios work, but it seemed more trouble than it was worth. And the confusion between Will and you was totally my fault. I misattributed this masterpiece to Will. 🤦‍♂️

I can’t wait for January! (I mean, I’m going to enjoy today and all, but the calendar is going to look great on my wall in January)

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