The calendar is again available for purchase!   3 Sizes are available.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos. Many photos were very good composition, but were not high enough quality to print or were not the correct proportions to print. 

Use code DECKTHEHALLS at checkout for 50% off while the sale lasts.

Club proceeds are about $1.50 per calendar. Whoooohooo!


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Congrats on the cover shot, Troy!

I love that every one of these shots shows how we drive these cars. @Ketan is creeping up a fire road in the woods. @Kevin - Bay Area is getting off road in Napa. @Cory McCloskey is questioning that last real estate decision, but looking good while checking on the ambitious property. I'm lost on the beach or in the backcountry. @sherco_chris is chasing the twisties. And @Sacto Mitch is checking on his pot "locally grown farm-to-doobie" facility.

9 of the 13 of us aren't even on paved roads (June - November, including @Carrozzino).

It's a beautiful thing to see. Get out and drive!

I ended up ordering another pair of cropped versions so there's no black bars anywhere. If that sort of thing concerns you, you can customize each page of the calendar to fill in the whole image. Sometimes you have to compromise — like I did below to Cory's shot — because the aspect ratio doesn't work and I don't want to "paint" new sky and trees with photoshop.Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 12.04.30 PM


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