Well, finally finished the video of the 2019 West Coast Cruise. Hope you enjoy watching and reliving the shenanigans. 

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MusbJim - aka; El Guapo, the most guapo hombre in all of SoCal! 

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El Guapo Grande,

Wow! I missed this Humongous event, but only through the generosity of you and the others,  was I able to participate! In your video, a couple of things stand out: Y’all like your drinks 🍷 .... and really,  it all just looks like a genuine group of good people who love these little tubs. Gotta make it next year. Jim, may your jets stay clean, your fan keep spinnin’ and your oil stay as cool as you Bro. 

God Bless,


Jack Crosby posted:

Wow----another Musbjim production---each better than the previous ones!  The use of 'Foggy Mountain Breakdown" cars ripped through the twisty dirt roads was genius.  Thanks for all you do for the SOC, Jimmy!

Great song. Earl has some talented friends:

Earl Scruggs, banjo - Glen Duncan, fiddle - Randy Scruggs, acoustic guitar - Steve Martin, 2nd banjo solo - Vince Gill, 1st electric guitar solo - Marty Stuart, mandolin - Gary Scruggs, harmonica - Albert Lee, 2nd electric guitar solo - Paul Shaffer, piano - Jerry Douglas, dobro - Leon Russell, organ - Glenn Worf, bass - Harry Stinson, drums

I started to watch the video but it was in Spanish... where do I change the language settings? 

My mouth literally fell open watching Cory and Ryan going off road. You two are still crazy. 

Awesome footage. The crowd looks bitter than ever.  Glad to see everyone still having so much fun with this trip.

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