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Randy, that would be great if you could join in on the shenanigans in San Luis Obispo (SLO). Bring your 914, would like to see how that project turned out. Every year for the past 14 years, the SOCers from SoCal and AZ rendezvous in Malibu on Friday morning to caravan up the coast to SLO. Since you're coming from La Quinta, maybe you could join that caravan. Typically we have 10-15 cars.

I'll post another thread for that caravan. Watch for that post. 

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Terry Nuckels posted:

Thanks, @Robert M. I'll take 1 large and 1 xl  in graphite, please. I presume that these quality shirts have been pre-shrunk and personally signed by Tebs in a discreet location, preferably the inside of the shirt - perhaps the armpit?

Got you down. It may or not be signed by Teby. I have heard news recently there has been a rash of counterfeit Teby S signatures on all manner of items. I just can't take the chance of having Teby sign these. I'm not sure if the Teby I know is the real Teby or not.

Hi guys, just wanted to post that I will be attending the gathering and staying at the host hotel. After much deliberation I have decided to trailer my car down as it is new to me, has no top, windows, heater, gps,  spare tire, etc. My question is can anyone tell me where I can park my 18' car/equipment trailer down there? I don't think there will be a big enough parking lot at the hotel for it and my jeep, but hopefully so. Thanks in advance for any info.14261509-1958-porsche-spyder-std14261516-1958-porsche-spyder-std14261517-1958-porsche-spyder-std


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