It's that time of year again.

We will need 12 photos from members for the Calendar. Photo submissions will be taken until we fill the slot photos. Photos must be VERY GOOD quality (150+DPI) preferably at least 1600x2000 pixels as the photos will need to be printed at 11.5x9. Please do not submit altered or re-saved photos. Please do not upload submitted files to this site as they are automatically compressed. If you are using a digital camera, make sure it is set to it's highest quality and saving as uncompressed files.

To submit photos, please email them to calendar(AT)

Please keep these things in mind.
Photos must be VERY GOOD quality. (150dpi+)
Photos must be your property, they cannot be copyrighted by someone else.
The 12 best photos will be selected, we will take into account photo quality, layout, shadowing, background, etc.

By submitting the photos via calendar(AT) you agree to allowing the use of these photos by for the calendar and site promotion and you will be credited on the actual calendar.

Deadline for submissions is Wed Nov 27th

If you have any questions, feel free send me a private dialog on the top right menu above.


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I'm glad I didn't miss the calendar submissions this year. I can't wait to see what you've all been shooting this past year!

Making sure these folks don't miss out on submitting this year:

@Ketan, @Cory McCloskey, @Maui Roadsters, @Robert M, @MusbJim, @Carrozzino, @Ndpendant, @RichardMaxwell, @Troy Sloan, @DAVID BAYNE - BAYNIAC, @PaulEllis, @Devin, @Joe Fortino, @Michael B (aka bluespeedster SoCal), @Rusty S, @Sacto Mitch, @majorkahuna, @*LongFella@Rick99GSX@Kevin - Bay Area@sherco_chris

If I missed some of our forum's favorite photographers, please make sure they see this thread.

Here's last year's calendar, for inspiration. Click to embiggen.


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