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@DannyP posted:

Indian summer starts this week. It'll be sweet October 1st down there, cager(that's what the motorcyclists call people in cars with roofs).

True. And after a bit of a scare at the first of the month, it looks like we're going to have a nice one out here. 80's all week.  I almost put the top up on my 968 and put it away after my drive on Sunday. Then I thought "nah, give it another month."


As for the Spyder, I'm not going to put it away in "mod mode" this winter. My only project is to replace all the brakes, but that's going to be a weekend project. I'm planning on driving it every chance I get this winter. (One advantage it has, as a "four-wheeled motorcycle," is that I don't have to be wary of sand/salt.)

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And out from the cellar of Speedsters past he rose..............

I have risen from the dusty table of spent single malt bottles where Cory, Hoss, Marty and others have sat, to join your tour on Friday, Oct 2nd. BIGBIRD will have wheels up around 5 AM. Plan is to ETA at Creekside Lodge before you carburetor breathing tubs depart for breakfast. Wish i could stay for the weekend, but too many things goin' on on this side of Sam's Gap. FYI: Audi Club / Carolinas chapter is running the roads of WNC that weekend based out of Blowing Rock. PLUS..........a fleet of slightly overpriced Italian Stallions from Maranello are doing the same out of the Grove Park Inn in Asheville.

"President for Life" wrote: "I think we'll be giving the entire 40 ft long rig a try. "

HOLY MOLY!   That rig is two feet longer than my 4-door pickup and trailer was!

Does it have an intercomm from the driver to the passengers in the way-back?

As you pass tractor-trailer trucks do they flash their headlights to you when the rear of your trailer is clear?  

I really think you should have a CB radio in there to hob-nob with the truckers as you travel.  I used to get a lot of trucker interest in what Pearl was as we were traveling, along with a lot of helpful info.  Your choice on the handle, but "President for Life" has a good ring to it, especially in these overly weird times.

I can just see the conversation with you and Jeannie:  "Well, I suppose we can drive down to Georgia in a noisey, smelly, windy, bouncy Speedster with mediocre heat and no A/C and room for maybe two small bags for you and I can carry an extra pair of underwear in my pockets, or we can trailer it and ride in the Limo with Climate Control and a decent stereo and a suitcase or two each.  - What'cha wanna do?"

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We have a ton of work to do this week, inspections, meetings, tours, showings and closings, so while I am going to drive in on Thursday as originally planned, my wife Anna will fly in on Friday to Asheville.

Much of this is deferred/delayed from our friend Sally's little venture through the south.

I may miss the morning festivities on Friday to pick her up, but we are looking to have a great time on this trip. 

We really need a little break.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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