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That wasn't pointed at anyone. I have edited down a bunch of video from the weekend and while I think they look neat and my second attempt is better than the first; I could have one with variety. On Sunday, we took a similar track to Saturday so having another one may not be interesting.

Can't hurt feelings when I have none.


"Best of" could be more interesting. Plus, I got one shot I want to incorporate to a video. Stay tuned.

@MikelB posted:

Nice job Chris. I noticed that that cyclist pulled in front of you after I gave him wide berth.


That cyclist was kinda in the right. Chris wouldn't have made it cleanly by him with that van approaching. 

What was annoying, was the guy on the motorcycle that we encountered just before, that wouldn't let us by. I guess he felt entitled. Bastard.

It would've been good to hear us going through that tunnel though. I also had video of those falls. Next year I'll set up both  of my GoPros and we'll send Chris everything.

Great times, people and places.

@Tom Boney posted:

great video.brings back memories.maybe next year.....

We missed you!

Let's get you a coupe, and we'll burn down the roads somewhere in Appalachia next year.

With @Panhandle Bob there, it was almost like Corn Daze all over again (with better roads). Great people, great roads, and a weekend we all really, really needed. I'm still milking out the good vibes (and I've been home for 2 days).

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