Okay, it's officially 2020. Y'all can start hassling @Robert M here.

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Be careful, Jim. You don't want to use up too much of those "juices" before this year's "shenanigans"...you're still young. You should know they're very difficult to replenish, and trust me, I know! Every year I check my "juice level," the dipstick shows it's going down....and then, every place I go to and ask about "replacement juice," ...well, I get that thousand-yard stare and I'm told to leave and don't return. 

@jprpdr We can usually scare up about 6-10 SOCers for a run. We've done Reagan Library, Rock Store/Mulholland, Tuna Canyon/Topanga, Mullin Auto Museum/Oxnard, Paramount Ranch Racetrack/Agoura Hills.

I'll start another post so we don't hi-jack this thread. Look for 'SoCal Cruise' in the next hour or so.  

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I'll reiterate my hope that it will be second or third weekend in June, or earlier (end of May?). I know I have an event to run the first weekend in June, so that's out for me.  I'd love to show off the completed coupe and It'd be nice to put some faces with names. Plus I owe @Napa Paul a beer for finding the Vredesteins if he makes it.

FYI, the weekend before Memorial Day is Carlisle in the East. We almost always have the Ignacios, among other Cali guests. To have the West Coast meet without Jim and Ginny would be sacrilege for either or both coasts!

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Ryan in NorCal posted:

Do we have a date for the West Coast Cruise yet, @Robert M? If I recall, it's typically the first weekend in June. Last year was Fri-Sun, June 7-9, 2019. Is this year the same weekend - June 5-7, 2020?

See Ryan, you went to the 2020 West Coast Cruise thread. That is a replica thread and not the "Official" thread. For tour dates and times you should have gone to the real thread. Replica people will never learn.


Hi west coast friends.

The eastern guys know I started in the reproduction car hobby with an MG TD replica (39 years ago!). I now own an IM Roadster and sold the MG about a year ago. But I still manage a website and forum for MG TD reproductions.

A few west coast TDr folks have been talking about getting together.

So I figured I'd ask.

May I share the info about the SOG gatherings in California? I won't do that if  you prefer to keep the CA gatherings SOG specific. I'll just say that the MG TD guys register with the SOG crowd for Carlisle every year. Half of 'em are VW people and they are all car guys at heart. So it's a good mix and works out well.


While I cannot speak for everyone here on the West Coast, I can emphatically say, “YES!”

My first “little” car was a 1968 MG Midget; how I wish I still had that car!

Personally, I encourage everyone to come out to the WCC.  If I’m not mistaken (and I’ve only been to the last two WCC events) I’ve seen a pre-WW2 Ford, a new Fiat, and a late model Alfa on our tours.

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