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My favorite car of all time - 356 Porsche Speedster -

My wife bought me a CMC 1957 356 Porsche Speedster kit - if it were real I would not drive it.

I have been talking about this for years...Now I have one.

thanks for letting me join. . . . . 

She will look great next to my 1969 Karmann Ghia118319374_10219288896827812_8850006039832525842_n118331736_10219288896227797_170430570743510152_n118351949_10219288896467803_5598496216131075521_n118454362_10219296318133340_2398189526168534570_n118587181_10219296317893334_8971151553281110831_n118349396_10219288889267623_2215143886222398665_n118356570_10219288889667633_4596767688251520407_n118403484_10219288890147645_4560637083913660553_n001003111_1285


P.S. I am already driving my wife crazy....


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Thank you all for the acceptance and kind words.

Name is Todd, from Tennessee, just outside Knoxville. 

As soon as I heal up I will be getting into it a bit more. Car came from Colorado, elevation....over a mile high and no home 750' above sea level and 100% humidity....needs some tuning. Brake are brand new and pulls to the right pretty good. But, I got it. Just need some time with her.


Thanks again all.


Bob.... I have been gone to Colorado for a year and threw a bunch of "life" in there so my wife would not have to deal with my stuff while I was away on work. I have been trying to get it back into some sort of order... long way to go. THANK YOU !!!

Since I have been home I have given away 3 VW projects, small sailboat, small fishing boat and more stuff soon. Need to get down to just a few projects. Unclutter my life a bit more... be able to enjoy the drive time....

Thanks again !!!

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