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Thinking of getting a 2275 cc Stroker for my outlaw wide body speedster...

who best to supply me with a 2275 stroker long block for my build???

Scat?                   JCSVW             Air            Other

Stephen Titus 480 265 5390  Mesa, AZ


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You may want to consider buying the new still in crate Raby fuel injected type 4 engine that is listed on Samba. It is a $20K engine that may be bought for under $14k. You would have plenty of bulletproof power with major value adding benefit. :: VW Classifieds - RAT Type IV Engine 2270cc - Raby Enterprises

Buying this engine will forgo the possibly 4-6 month plus wait to have an engine built by a top builder who will still charge over $10K for the 2275 type 1 engine. Just a thought.

Not to dissuade anyone from that Raby motor, but there doesn't appear to be an ECU, a harness, or any plumbing whatsoever.

I'm not discounting anyone's skill level, but the difficulty level of wiring, plumbing, and then programming and FINALLY tuning EFI is way up there.

If I bought that motor, I'd be inclined to sell the throttle bodies and other EFI stuff and put carbs on it. I did it for the challenge, I don't know if I'd repeat that. It was definitely a labor of love.

I emailed the guy with the Raby type 4 engine for sale. The engine is not fuel injected and has conventional Weber carbs. I thought it was Fuel injected because I thought a pic of an air breather box was an ECU. The guy sent me a complete parts list of the engine build and this Dyno video. The engine would be a steal at $14K if one was in the market for a remarkable Type 4 engine, IMHO of course.

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