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I have a nearly new 3/4" diameter front sway bar for ball joint VW Beetles/Speedsters. It appears to be an Empi 9600 model sway bar.

  • Fits Volkswagen: Type 1 [Beetle/Bug] 1968-Later [Front, Ball Joint]
  •  Includes new  clamps $31.00 value
  • Made from heavy 3/4" steel
  • Sway Bars feature zinc plated steel components and hardware along with red urethane bushings. 
  • $60.00 shipping included to continental USA . or first best offer.
  • Speedster front sway bar 2



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Jimmy....These tend to hit the frame of the support for the fender well panel. You'll probably see that when you install it. Some have said the mounted it up-side -down to eliminate the rattle while others have notched out that support frame for clearance. I liked the position right side up but not the rattle and notching the frame support so I attached a split piece of gates hose around the support frame so it wouldn't rattle.......Bruce

Thanks for your input Bruce but why would you assume I am going to install this on my car? I have the sway bar offered for sale . It was on my Fiberfab Speedster when I bought it and was removed to make room for the Front radiator that was installed for my Subaru conversion. I am not sure how it will fit on anyone else's car.

What ever happened to the front sway bars that mounted to the beam and pivited within the mounts?  Are there any like that around anymore?  Do the 3/4" Empi style work well?  I may be interested.  Shipping would be to San Diego, Ca. 92115


This was on my Fiberfab Speedster when I bought it. It worked fine. I removed it because it was in the way of the new front air duct for my front mounted radiator that is part of the Subaru conversion.

Speedster Conversion 145


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