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I have a swing axle transaxle I had built by a guy in California with the specs shown on the attached pics. There is something wrong with it and it pops out of 3 gear under deceleration. It was run less than 100 miles before I had it replaced with a Rancho built transaxle. If you want to take a chance on it and have the skills to tear it down to fix it,  you could be getting the deal of the century. I will take $500.00 OBO for it.


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  • Lenin Castillo Transaxle invoice 001
  • speedster transaxle 1
  • speedster transaxle 2
  • speedster transaxle 3
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Jimmy V. posted:

I wish it were the problem. Special Edition had installed the trans. during the Subaru conversion they were doing for me . Carey tried all the things that can cause the issue but found it to be a trans issue for sure.

Carlisle rescue. Trannys scare me....both ways, eh ?  I'd contribute  some $$$ to watch THE PIP figure this one out if he could pull it apart at Carlisle ...Anyone...Bueller....?

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If it pops out of 3rd gear there are two things I would check right off the bat. It could be as simple as a shift fork adjustment. Not done properly, the fork could be pushing the 3-4 shift hub away from the 3 side, toward neutral, not allowing it to engage properly. The other thing could be the back cut on the synchro hub teeth are all worn. That causes the gear to not stay engaged. Full disassembly for the latter, but the gear stack needs t be pulled in either case, which is most of the work.

Do this at Carlisle? You first, not for me. I'd need a bench, tools, and a shop press.

Interesting proposition. Does it have long or short axles?? I'm interested in short axles.

I actually have 2 IRS spares. What I really need is short axles and tubes for spares. Then I could build up a nice custom geared spare for myself.

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Jimmy, on that second original short-axle trans, I'm interested. Specifically, I'm looking for short axle tubes, axles, and spare good fulcrum plates.

I'd like to end up with two good transmissions complete with axles. But geared differently, then I can swap easily. Then again, if I really like the gearing I wouldn't be swapping LOL.

That's 'cuz we're both gettin too old to read anything close up anymore.

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I'm workin' on it.   I just have better genes...

At least we both have LOTS of hair left.  I grow mine out in the winter and end up looking like "PA" (Michael Landon) from 'Little House on the Prairie'.  Have more than Geer right now.

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