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ready to install  posts, frame, lower seal and post seals.


email me for info and questions


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you are correct that this being a replica group. I am a member and have been. these posts are for the person looking for d posts, not speedster posts. if you are concerned i will remove this classified posting. these are not replica parts, except for upper frame.


As @356GS (Greg) said above, this isn't really the place to be hawking a lot of real P parts- most don't get that excited about the prospect of putting real original parts on our cars. Since for a lot of us the driving experience is what's most important, it's all about the biggest bang for the buck and any one of the members here could do a lot with $3,000- disc brakes all around, Vintage 190/real Fuchs forged alloy wheels and new tires, OR stroked crank, heads and Webers upgrade, OR being 2/3 to 3/4 the way to a Berg5.

Good luck with the sale. 

@Arden posted:

Boy, it sounds like a few of you guys woke up on the wrong side of the bed—Nothing a couple cocktails couldn’t fix.

I don't know what you're talking about! Since it is dinner time I will go for the rum punch...

Cardoc....I had a sale table at the LA toy and Lit show last Feb. This is an event where all things Porsche (real or not) are sold by their owners. The guy next to me makes and sell your parts that are made of solid brass. He sold two sets. The brass top frame went for $1500.00 alone.  If you don't sell your parts, ship them to me next January and I'll put them on my table and try to sell them for you.  It's not a lot of trouble to put them on my table............Bruce

Glad it sold. Did it sell on online? May I ask where?

Thanks for backing me up Al, The whole Enya thing is behind us.

Ok, the first (and 2nd, and 3rd) time I read this it went right over my head- I'm wondering "what the h*ll is he talking about?". This time it caught my eye, it clicked and I laughed out loud! Touché, dude! What was the name of that thread? I still have to put up more of my list- I think I only covered  3½ hours or so...

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