Ahhh. Apologies for confusing my superheroes, @*LongFella and @Kevin - Bay Area.

For posterity, here Rod's story from the registry that Kevin linked:

Thanks guys for sticking up for the "Original Outlaw Badge"

The term "356 Outlaw" was a name given to The Emory's in the early 80’s because we were not afraid to install race and rally inspired accessories to a vintage Porsche. At a time when full concourse restorations were at their peak and the owners were using q-tips to clean the dust out of the defrost vents, we were putting wide wheels and race numbers on our 356’s and driving them the way Porsche intended them to be driven. We had a good friend of ours start hand making these badges and for 30 years we have awarded these to others that share the same passion and spirit that we have for these cars. I agree with Vic, Charlie, George, Joris, and Louis that this is something that should not ever be sold or reproduced. We have never and will never sell them.


There are less than 100 out there. So they are pretty rare.

Lane Anderson posted:

I have to disagree with you, Jim.  The outlaw badge was something they gave out to cars they thought embodied a certain spirit.  They never sold them.  Porsche made these cars we love, but they were first and foremost a product, sold to whoever had the necessary coin.

I understand that sentiment. Sorta like replica 'stolen valor'. 

So an outlaw-style replica Speedster (et al) sporting an 'Outlaw' badge is more of an affront than an authentic-looking replica Speedster sporting (real or replica) Porsche Club or event badges.

A replica is a replica, your intent may vary. 

DISCLAIMER: This comment is intended for humorous purpose only. 

Great discussion all around! One thing I love about this forum

For those that want to know my position: I will sport the replica outlaw badge on my replica outlaw coupe.

I will always take other opinions to heart, but when it comes to these little maddening toys... I'm building it myself in my garage with my bare hands... so I get to do what I want with it. Plus, it matches the theme and color scheme of my build    

Me too, Danny.  I found the badge and the decal on ebay.  Of course my Speedster is a replica so to replicate a real Speedster PCA the badge and decal merely make it a more accurate replica.  Someone' else's mileage may vary but that's my take on it.  I also have an Arkansas Antique car license plate for a similar reason.  Someone else's mileage may vary but this works well for me.

I have one of the gearshift knobs. They're billet aluminum and quite heavy. They're also made for a 'C' shifter.

After a bit of fabricating it fits quite nicely on my VintageSpeed shifter and with the added weight of the knob there is a real solid feeling when shifting through the gears.

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