When we were cleaning out my Mom's house to sell it, I later heard that a nephew found "some long chrome things" tucked up in between the floor joists in the cellar and covered with dust so, like everyone else helping during the clean-out, they ended up in the dumpster.

I heard about them later.  They were the chrome side trim from his '59 Speedster, which he chose not to replace when he had the body filled and painted.  There should have been a few more parts tucked up there, but I didn't hear about those either.

I did find the original 8-track stereo from his 1967 Mustang "Bullitt" clone which he pulled for an aftermarket system.  Maybe I could build a Mustang around it?

"Next you would need to find some period correct Lucky Strikes and matches from a 50's diner."

That, plus a tattoo showing "Mom" on your arm, just below the Luckies rolled up in your white tee-shirt sleeve, Motorcycle boots (with the square toes in the 70's), tight peg-leg jeans and, of course, swept-back hair and a DA.

Skip the DA if you were in the near midwest and replace it with a "Caterpillar" hat and if in the far mid-west replace the hat with a John Deere one and the Luckies with Camels.  

@chines1 -- want to tell them about our pre-A Ashtray? 

Carey and I managed to lose the original ash tray surround for my 1956 coupe after Carey went through the trouble of chroming it. Interestingly, Carey managed to find one from Adam Wright (unobtainium) for $200 -- for the surround only (not the actual tray). It was nuts -- it was rusted out and looked like it came from the bottom of a lake. We sent it to Victor Miles and he amazingly made it right. These old parts are stupid money. 

There was an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where he presented his 1971 Mercedes 280se 3.5 coupe. He did a full restoration on the car; and highlighted the ridiculous expense of the task. He mentioned that he opted to 3D print the AC control knobs rather than pay the $500 for the pair. That said, when I googled them, the two knobs could be purchased for only $245 + shipping. 

Then again, that’s still better than the $45k for a Ferrari tool kit or $14k for the owners manuals to a 275 GTB/4. 

Alfa Romeo 105 GT & GTV parts are not as bad, but in time that could change.  They are not cheap, but not unobtainium like Porsche 356 and 911's.   As more cars get restored like all 356's and early 911's, then parts become more sparse and up goes the price.  I am using both original and some new production stuff where it makes sense. 

I thought I pictured  myself in a replica 356 coupe one day but got the Alfa bug and bought a original coupe from Sicily.  It was a driver and needs just about everything.  Its a slow process but mostly lots of fun hunting things down.   A lot of stuff I need is in Europe.  Its not for the impatient types 

Todd, good luck with the ash tray hunt.   I am getting a repro one for my project.

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Funny what will trigger a memory from our youth.

I hadn't thought about this for 40 years until I saw your picture.

A friend, who smoked a lot, had a '68 Alfa Spider with a trick lighter mounted just in front of the ash tray. You placed an unlit cigarette into a deep slot in the lighter and pressed down on the black collar as in this photo:


When the cigarette was lit - it popped up!

You can keep your Sport Chrono Package and 7-speed doppelkupplung  gearbox.

The boys in Milano knew what cool was.




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