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I thought Canadians could import a Speedster built in US that was at least 15 years old.  That means built and registered in US - not kit sitting in a barn unregistered.  Seems exporting to most EU countries is 25 years. Or they could import a kit minus mechanicals - and finish it there.  Not sure what mechanicals are - engine/transaxle but how about brakes and wheels?

Has anyone used the AMTRAK Auto train from Orlando to Wash DC (Lorton, VA)?  It isn't inexpensive - but you avoid I95 and can sit back for 17 hours.  I95 in a small car is not fun.  A lowered car may have issues.

Take Your Car with Auto Train

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I know it has been done when registered as a VW and over 15 years old, but not as a kit car Assembled, there is some portion of the build that is done locally to satisfy the feds and customs laws.  There might be some provincial differences but ultimately the final assembly, which from what I know is drivetrain is done by a builder in Canada.

This link may guide you...

Importing completed kit cars into Canada

If you want to import a completed kit car or a reproduction vehicle that can be driven, you must provide proof that it meets all safety standards for the passenger car class. There is no difference under the Act between assembled and disassembled vehicles.

Most kit cars do not qualify to be imported to Canada. The exceptions are kit cars that are over 15 years old.

Kit cars older than 15 years are not regulated by the Motor Vehicle Safety Act. They are referred to as "age-exempt." This means that you can import the completed kit car into Canada if it meets entry requirements from the Canada Border Services Agency

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I just Imported a CMC from Delaware to Ontario No issues whats so ever.

1) I used william Ruthorford as my broker ( Rainer and Debbie are awsome ) 

2) kit assembly must be at least 15 years old ( This is the key ) you must prove with documentation that your kit was assembled more than 15 years ago ( Mine had a build tag with date on it) mine is on a 67 chassis

if you need any more info or help Private PM me


@46split- Your Speedster looks great- love it without the side trim!                             Sooo.... Care to tell us a little more about it- IRS or swingaxle? ring&pinion ratio? drums or discs all around? 4x130 or 5x205? engine type, and if type 1, size and specs? pics of the front suspension and engine?  I'm also liking the rest of your garage- do we get to see/hear about the KG and Beetle?  And if we haven't done so before-                                            Welcome To The Madness!  Al

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I live in Newmarket. Iv been a vw collector all my life owned many splits from 46-52 zwitters rare busses etc etc. in the garage is a 56 ghia and the beetle is an all orig 66 incl paint im now converting to driver cars so i can enjoy them and not stress out

The CMC is on a stock 67 pan  stock front and rear end, motor is brand new not rebuilt  ( we think a 1776 ) but could be higher as it has a lot of power just bought alot of parts to make it correct incl side trim ( may put on may not) but going to redo the dash to fit the correct replica gauges. also may redo the leather interior to a darker saddle leather. Having said all that i wont do anything to hinder me from driving it this summer


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