Hi just building a replica 356 on a beetle chassis, v5 showing beetle saloon, what procedures can I take to. Change v5 to saying speedster  


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I wonder if he's asking how to change what's on his registration?  Looks like the car is in Europe or someplace other than the US 

He's from the England.  Wisbech in Cambridgeshire known as  'the capital of the fens'.  Perhaps one of our UK members can help.


im in process of building a 356 replica 

my v5 states beetle saloon just wanted some info on how I would change the v5 to the correct info being 356 speedster thank you 



Changing the V5 registration is all controlled by the government, so no way of getting around it, and if the V5 is wrong your insurance is invalid. They are also taking about crushing cars that don't have the IVA test because there is no other way to prove its a safe car. Having said that if you follow the process its quite straight forward.

Thanks for the comment. Now off to the paint guys to check on progress

The target is to drive to Classic Le Mans event in July with a group of friends. So its about 1000 miles round trip. Once the car is painted by the end of March, plan to get stuck into he reassembly and then a intensive shake down to remove the faults and see what breaks first. a practical approach to R&D on the cheap. Would love to do it Carroll Shelby style and book some time at my local race circuit and just run and run. 

Greg356a posted:

Its really complicated here in the UK. The speedster needs to go through a Independent Vehicle Inspection (IVA) test, and then if you pass you are given a certificate which is send off to the DVLA so they can issue a new V5 registration document. 

There are several helpful sites here;

IVA Test; https://www.ddk-online.com/php...php?f=15&t=32592

My site; https://www.ddk-online.com/php...php?f=15&t=44851

Great job, Greg.

We've gone worldwide, gentlemen.

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