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I was wondering if anyone has seen variations in speedster windshield curvatures?  I am in the process of test fitting a new windshield on a speedster I recently bought but running into a fitment issue.  It seems that my new windshield has a slightly different shape than the original windshield.  The height and width of the windshields seem similar but it seems that the curve is different (see images below).

Has anyone ran into this sort of thing before?  Is there another windshield besides a speedster windshield that people use with replicas? 

Unfortunately, I don't have much information about the speedster (manufacturer or year).

Thanks in advance for any insight.


P.S. if anyone wants a new, uninstalled speedster windshield from a popular vendor for cheap, let me know!

New windshield sitting on top of old windshield20230118_161641

New windshield on top of original windshield from side:20230118_161545

Logo on original windshield:20230118_134748


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  • 20230118_161641
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Thanks for the quick reply.  I agree that the "popular vendor' should be correct but that one doesn't fit the cowl correctly.  It seems that there is a 1/2" gap between bottom of glass and cowl approximately where the wipers are.  The car is at shop to get prepped for paint so can't get a pic right now... I'll get one in next day or two.  I want to get this fitment sorted before painting.

As much as I'd like to use the correct windshield, I'd be happy with getting the exact same windshield that was in the car.  Does anyone know of a source for Mexican Citsa brand glass?

Thanks again,


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As Mike said some of the gap will pull down into the base rubber gasket. There are a few different base rubber thicknesses depending on Mfg.  that could make difference. You need to look at what you have now and if you would benefit form a narrow or thicker base rubber. I have extra base rubbers pieces if needed.  If you need a narrower one, I got those from Stoddard part # 644 541 902 40

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Why haven't you contacted Citsa directly? - They're all over Mexico and the QR code is screened onto your windshield.  Here's one of many locations:

Address: San Andrés Atoto 18, San Esteban, 53550 Naucalpan de Juárez, Méx., Mexico
Open ⋅ Closes 5:30 PM
English side of the website:

Whatsapp: English support +52 1 55 7923 5661

Email :

I scanned the QR code on your windshield and it took me to the Cista site and if you click on the American flag at the top right of the page it comes up in English (whew!) But you'll still have to either email or telephone them.  Don't be afraid of the language difference - LOTS of people outside of the US speak lovely English if you're polite to them.
Or you can try the phone number above and ask "
¿Puedo hablar con alguien en inglés, por favor?
(May I please speak with someone in English?).  Shouldn't be a problem for them, I'm certain.
The screened info on your old windscreen should give them enough info to get you a new one of the same model and you can send the photo to them from your phone (It worked for me to get me to their site).
I don't know how many variations they have to that particular model, so you may have to tell them it is for a replica, but the info on the old windshield should be enough for them to find one for you.  If Carey Hines could ship me four new windshields from Indiana to South Carolina together and get them there intact, then Citsa can get one to you from Mexico - I'm SURE that they ship them safely all the time.  Probably have their version of the top and bottom rubber gaskets, too, unless yours are in good shape.

There seems to have been/still be issues.  I never got to the point of fitting the original CMC glass it burned up in one of our Ca. Forest fires. Spent big $$$ getting what was suppose to be very original glass from??? 16 years ago?

  I have read that some have taken their glass to have it "ground" down to fit the contour...some have "bondo-d?" the area below the glass footing...(contoured forward and back of course!) before repainting.  Wish I had the $$$ to do this as my gap is not quite covered with a thick base rubber channel.  Can't decide what to do...especially when top bow (fiberglass?) is not even close to fitting either. Very open to some fireside chats about a solution for many of us.

I probably have installed 50 plus speedster windshields (managed to cracked only two ) replaced with new on around 15, never had a major issue with fit. Sometimes the initial setting it looks like it will not fit but with patience it does.  Maybe PM me and we can figure out what the issue is.

New from Special Edition  or Vintage Motor cars

Mexico source is Rafael at   Cfm Buggy Mex | Facebook

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I have a CMC - the original supplied top bow is layers of laminated fiberglass.  Mine was starting to delaminate from sitting in hot attic above garage.  I bought a new one from the old VS in California.  It looks like it is moulded from polypropylene (? black durable plastic).  It fit contour of the CMC windshield perfectly.  The CMC one even when new would take grinding and sanding to get a good fit. 

VM has same top bow - ouch prices went up!

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