Hi guys I'm new to this forum and I am building a 356 Speedster. I have all my floorpan built out with engine transition. Engine is from Chicho Performance Racing and transmission from Banco Transaxles. I have all my lights and all my trims most from Sierra Madre Collection. Just putting funds together to get my body will post some pictures in the near future of my driving floorpan


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Yup, his pan has been shortened.  And as Alan said, there are more than several other Speedster/550/MGTD owners/builders in the greater DC area.  @edsnova  @El Frazoo  @Cory Drake and @East Coast Bruce to name a few (they'll all see this shortly).

Very nice job, regarding your work.  Should be even more fun when you decide on a body.  Look on eBay for an unfinished/unstarted CMC kit for a body - a few show up every year - cheap - or you can get one of several stages of body builds from Beck Speedsters or Vintage Motorcars

Welcome to the Madness!

Ya need to meet up with Schu (Dale) in Garrisonville.  He had completed pan like yours and the CMC Calif hanging from garage ceiling.  He's SOCer with red MGTD replica.

Since you have donor chassis - look at Kitman on SAMBA - they have just bodies available -- or old CMC/FF either needing refurb or unbuilt.   Becks have tube chassis so probably out of consideration.  

Hi Guys, 

Thanks for welcoming me to the forum. 

Yes, my floor-pan was shortened. I bought it from Kirk when he owned vintage speedtser. 

I am researching body kits. I spoke with Greg at Vintage Motor Car. Does anyone know of the quality work on their body kits? or any other  body kits that are good quality? would like some input. 

Thank for the welcome!

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