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Just ordered a ConvD from Beck.  Hardtop only, soft top delete.  No one makes soft top hardware for a ConvD.  On previous Beck ConvD Carey paid $15k for convertible top hardware from a real ConvD.  Hard top is about $2.5k

Car will be Suby with Suby 5-speed.

I completely plagarized my spyder.  I will do the same with my ConvD.   I will copy John Oates' Emory 356 as close as possible.  Wait time is 30 months.  So I still have 2-3 more years to enjoy my spyder.  If my back holds out I may keep it.

Phil Luebbert

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Yes Suby. Car will have similar suspension upgrades to your car. IRS with coil overs. Front double wishbone. Going with Suby 5 speed. A/C with hidden Bluetooth stereo. I really wanted an all weather car with role up windows. And honestly the Conv D looks better without the big convertible top sitting on the back. It will look more like a speedy when the hard top is off. I’m a little surprised no one has ever asked Carey for this combination. But 30 months is a long time. I’ll be 63 by then. I think I’ll be ready for a comfy car. Those who know me remember I had a very similar intermeccanica Conv D. Why did I get rid of that car. I ask myself that question all the time. Oh well.

mvh New Reader
4/22/19 6:37 p.m.

This Derrington steering wheel is mounted upside-down. The whole point of the three evenly-spaced spokes is to get them out of the way of the two large gauges. Mounted this way they are directly in front of the speedo and tach. If the single spoke were straight up in the middle, as it is supposed to be, all gauges would be unobscured. As a bonus, the 9-and-3 and 10-and-2 hand positions would also be unobstructed.



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@550 Phil posted:

Oates car is just a guide. Think his is a 356B. Mine will be a ConvD which is a 356A. Just really copying colors. But I would like exposed gas cap in hood and fog light mounted in hood. I think Carey can do most of the mods. Lots of time to think about it.

Phil.  One thing I dithered on was external engine hood hinges, as some of  the Emory cars have.  When I finally decided - this idea came late in the build process - it was too late to reverse engineer for hinges like this.

That's the one item I wish I had have added to my car.  They may suit your car, or may not.

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Oates' car looks like a cabriolet, so the top will be different.  I've never seen a D with a hardtop until your IM, so you can let your imagination run free.  I'm sure you can count on some ever so helpful advice from us.

Lol  ..... Love it Lane, Love it.

In passing, it will be nice to see if Carey will make a more slopped design removable top than the IM top Phil had.  Just saying.

I was just noticing how much space there is behind the rear window on the IM version and how much there is on the Oates version.  It could be easily done to extend the removable hardtop further back and insert the rear port hole wing style windows.  It might be easier that you think but only if Beck is interested in doing this and add for their future product line.  It certainly adds to the slipperiness of the shape of the car with the roof extended.  Anyway, all suggestions are just that suggestions and the choices of course will lie with the buyer


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@IaM-Ray posted:

Lol, your funny Bob, I am busy landscaping here getting my exercise eating like a lion.    We have a complete reno planned again this summer... go figure old houses.

I hope you're ready for sticker shock on the building supplies.

We're mid major renovation (2nd floor Master bedroom or the new politically correct "primary" bedroom and two bathrooms). I'm glad we got the framing and roof, windows and insulation done last year because costs have skyrocketed.

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