Have you tried an LeD strip under the rear deck grill. 10-15$ on eBay for 2 strips. ( or you can go to any motorcycle shop and pay 30-40$ for the same thing.... they are used by many motorcycle riders to add brighter brake lights.

i can’t find my  old post, but here is another sample of the same install.


 My car/picture bellow is from 2017... LED I used were much brighter than the ones used in 2015 sample link  attached.... they seem to get brighter every year.   Buy the brightest you can find.  My tail lights are also LEDs.


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most Ebay brands have about 12"-24" wires already attached to the LED
strip ( sealed and water proofed). I imagine you will likely add thicker
gauge wiring to go from one of the existing brake lines to the 3rd light...
wired in series.

I ended cutting the LED wiring down to 4", and adding some wire
connectors. , Then running thicker gauge wiring nicely and hidden up to the
deck lid from one of my brake lighys.. and also putting wire connectors as
well so the led strip could easily be plugged into the car brak wiring
3rd light extension I just installed. this way if I ever need to replace
the led strip it's a simple plug and play job.

Ewww, that mid-80s 911 one is disgusting. Many owners had a "lampectomy" performed as I recall.

I used an 8 dollar LED strip from Summit racing. REALLY bright. It had about a foot of wire. Two leads, red and white. As I remember red is ground, why, I've no idea.

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