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C56327A8-4655-479C-B870-07DC4F7CDF432E17DE0E-26F3-465D-9513-E5E327C8C3574 steel rims, 15 X 5.5”, with only about 100 miles.  Took them off to put Vintage 190 alloys on.  Silver powder coat, no scratches.  CIP1 has them on sale now for $280 for a set of 4.  I will sell for 1/2 price, $140 plus shipping. Frank 402-393-5252,  Thanks 

2013 VS azure blue 2110cc


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  • C56327A8-4655-479C-B870-07DC4F7CDF43
  • 2E17DE0E-26F3-465D-9513-E5E327C8C357
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Moving wheel centers is fairly easy for a machine shop. The weld bead lengths on the rim are measured, chuck the rim in the lathe place, lathe cuts the welds from the center to rim away, the center is moved into the new position , checked for run out with a dial indicator, tack welded and rechecked again for run out then the weld beads are done to the original lengths.  I tried to do an old rim for the hell of it at my friend Rand's machine shop, it's an acquired skill and I was cursing left and right as Randy laughed   :~)

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