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IMHO these are spectacular, but second-best to the Spyder Factory cars, which have an accurate clam reinforcement bit and front firewall/bulkhead, along with the more advanced "high rail" chassis as seen in the Werks cars and later builds like 0090. My guess is plus or minus $200k. I believe it would be about $300-350k to duplicate and probably a year wait.

But on BaT you never know.

I'm guessing somewhere between 100 and 200K. It's definitely a COOL car.

I'd like a 550a alloy replica though, the chassis is lots of little steel tubes, super light, and STIFF. Don't even look at the body, it's thinner than a 550, more attachment points. All-up 1100 pounds.....imagine with my motor in it how quick it would be?


That sure looks like the one they were showing at Monterey in August, 2017 - right down to the placement of the grill badge. That would jibe with the timeline in the description on BaT.

Ed, I posted some photos of it on your build thread back then, here.


It wasn't real, but it was spectacular.


It wasn't real


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