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I decided to remove the steering wheel because i noticed a lot of free play in it.  Pretty much my suspicions were right there was no bushing inside the steering column.  Does anybody know where i can get one from?  are they all just basic?

The steering shaft outside diameter i measured at 22mm and the steering column inside diameter was 32mm.  

Any suggestions?

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Does your car have a horn button somewhere else?

Usually, there is a lone wire sticking out of the steering column for your horn. Without the bearing, your horn would be on continuously.

I had a problem with my horn going off every time I hit the turn signal. I just ran another wire up the column thus omitting that whole grounding to the column thing.

If you don't already know, the horn has power wired to it all the time and the ground is what gets switched.   

Looks like a 71-74 Bug shaft with the column lock cut off.  Start there and look for an upper column bearing.  Should be a 111.953.559A  HOWEVER I can't recall if those years had the upper bearing ride on the top of the column lock and if they did then your bearing would be fully custom to have a smaller ID.

You can also use the 62-67 press in bearing (113.415.585A) with a tapered nylon spacer and spring, but that would also be dependent on what size tubing was used for your column tube and I have no idea what TR did for that...

@Carlos G I just realized i don't have the wire sticking out for the horn and there is no other horn button.  I guess i will be chasing some wires to find and fix the no horn issue.  

@Gordon Nichols Thank you.  i did see a little bit of copper on the inside of the column so i think that is where the bearing should touch to make contact for the horn.

@chines1 Thank you that was the exact part number i was looking at actually.  I just realized i need to also get a banjo steering wheel adapter.

Also, the steering coupler/rag joint is polyurethane and i heard it is better to get the german weave style so i will add that to my list.

Thank you for the help.  

Here is a mock up of the steering wheel.  I have not bolted it in yet and the old turn signal switch is still on.  But the bushing is in.  I just need to figure out the wiring because none of the colors match what's on the schematic compared to what's in the car.  Im glad i haven't bolted in the driver seat yet. lol

Still need to figure out how i will cover the roll bar holes up.


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