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Unrestored (but fairly solid looking) mechanically sound original 1957 Speedster- 5 hours to go and it's at $280,000

1957 356A Speedster

"older Intermeccanica Speedster (still under wraps in the garage) a pic wouldn't show much,what with all the junk piled on it..."


On a lifelong mission (much to my wife's dismay) to prove that immaturity is forever!


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  • 1957 356A Speedster
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There's a guy here in Massachusetts with one of those:  A late '56/early '57 with the Pre-A beehives and a 3-gauge dash.  There's also a mix of Pre-a and A stuff throughout as they were finishing up the parts bins.  He calls it a Type 540 (says so on his license plate) and as I understand it from him and Rich MacKoul (the guy with the '55 Speedster), Porsche built, like 43 or so of them, making them pretty rare (don't quote me on that number).

Almost as rare as a Pre-A with the hood handle centered, rather than being off 1/4" to the right.

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