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IMG_2253[2)I have cmc speedster for sale. I got it as a roller about 3 years ago. I then found a 98 forester(112,000 miles) took the doch motor out(170hp),wiring and computer and obd2 connection.Put on new head gaskets,seals,plugs,belts general freshen up. Installed external walbro 255,Kennedy adapter,fabed a cross member and exhaust, hi torque starter, 4 core sti mishimito radiator and she fired right up. It started out with the stock 1970 its 4.12 r&p,then got a built 3.88 freeway flyer and now has the stock 4.12 back in it. I like it better but will include the freeway flyer. It runs around 3000rpm @65mph and much more responsive in town. I really do drive the car often but only has 1600 miles. There's nothing more then 5 miles from my house. Other notable modifications include air ride, onboard compressor with air shocks make for a very nice ride. Which you can adjust your ride height about 4". 20 mm swaybars to stiffen it up. Front ac industries disc brakes with line lock parking brake. Vdo gauges,GPS speedo,odyssey battery,Porsche projector interior lights(when doors open). Full soft top and tonneau cover, crussin windows. Car runs @175 even when its 100 out,I don't drive it when it's any warmer out but it runs cool with no overheating issues.

 The car is in good working order with no know known issues. It is in its original gel coat which I've let oxidized on purpose to give it some patina and aged the stickers as well. I never get asked if it's real because it's not shiny, I know it's not for everyone. It will buff out pretty nice,but would ultimately need a paint job to finish it off to be a very nice car. Will try to add photo of it buffed. This is on a 70 bug chassis and is titled as so. Comes with every receipt even original auto trader add from 83 I believe. Comes with tons of parts, freeway flyer tranny, everything for a/c but rubber,factory suspension if you choose to raise it back up and more. I have a 70 mini cooper I'm doing vtec swap on I just got back from paint is why I'm selling. Don't have room or money for both. I'm sure I'm forgetting alot and will update as I remember. This is a very nice driving very fast and eye catching car for $23,000

Any questions call text 480 600 6497 thanks for looking Dustin.IMG_2146IMG_2109IMG_2099IMG_2258IMG_2174IMG_2106IMG_2103IMG_2101IMG_2099IMG_0716IMG_0103IMG_2105IMG_2097IMG_2260



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Good luck selling you car. You have done a lot a of work on her. Car you post a picture of the engine compartment from the top with the engine cover opened? I would also love to see where and how your radiator is mounted. 

Thanks everyone for the support. Having trouble managing my post so I’ll just post more pics. Thought I had one of the engine. There’s 2 radiators 4 core rear and inner cooler up front on the heater circuit.B3F88F75-D49C-4FCC-B04B-AEDB5274776AB098C79C-97FB-4C0A-81C0-86EDD67A455A


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Very cool car Dustin! About the spare transaxle- is it stock 1st through 4th gears with a 3.88 or is there a longer 4th as well? I'm asking because the term 'freeway flier' doesn't have a definitive meaning and really doesn't tell us anything (and the reason I dislike it so).

"It started out with the stock 1970 its 4.12 r&p,then got a built 3.88 freeway flyer and now has the stock 4.12 back in it. I like it better..."

I get it! If your car doesn't have tons of hp the shorter r&p is definitely more fun around town. You felt the difference even with the fair bit of power the Subie has- yeah, you're a street racer at heart!

Gene Berg once said the perfect VW trans would actually be a 6 speed- 4.375 (for smaller engines) or 4.125 (anything over about 2000 or 2100 cc's) r&p

perfect for ripping around town (or drag racing) AND canyon carving. Only 1 problem- because of the rear torsion assembly it won't fit... A;

Rancho builds a transaxle just for the Subaru conversions it has a gusseted Rhino case for strength and all special gearing to better match the Subaru power curve.  I love the one I have it has a usable 1st gear and also runs at 2800 rpm at 70 mph in 4th. I cruise on the interstate at 90mph with ease. They call the trans a Pro comp. suby trans. See the attached for the gearing used. Carey at Special edition uses this in all of their Subaru cars and said it is a much better match compared to the stock VW gearing.

speedster conversion 79.png bad transaxlespeedster conversion 97 Rancho Pro-Suby TransaxleHD-Aluminum-Rhino-Case Speedster


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Don’t remember the brand would have to go through receipts. There be 20mm f&r. The air shocks made it ride on a cloud but a ton of body roll so put on the sway bars and fixed that. Rides nice now and sporty happy medium.

The car is very quick, high 12’s or low 13’s 1/4 mile. I took it to firebird, but they wouldn’t let me run it with no roll bar. It’s faster then my sti and is 350 which are both mid 13 cars. And gets 30 mpg city. I’m hoping my Mini Cooper to be faster and better mpg.

Dustin - nice engine install!  I see nice weld marks on the back (of car) steel cross member.  Did the stock location have to be cut and moved back (for clearancce)?  Does the engine have a rear hanger that use that support? '70 VW donor so an IRS transaxel?

Those Rhino transaxle cases are done very nicely; too bad they are for a different application and the top strengthening ribs don't do us any good. What is nice about those cases is there's no wear in any of the bearing seats (a chronic problem with high mileage used cases that have been rebuilt more than a couple of times- try to find one that holds the pinion bearing properly or an intermediate section where the shift rod selector holes don't need bushing!).

In our cars (as well as bugs) the force is down and transaxle cases break through the bottom, hence the reason guys with cars that can pick up the front wheels weld magnesium plate to the case bottom. Most Speedster owners don't have to worry because no matter how much power you have, if your car isn't set up specifically for drag racing you'll never develop enough traction to put that much stress on the case.

transaxle case crackedtrans case gussetedAlan's car launching

The cracked case was in a friend's high 11 second  '65 bug  (it would pick the front wheels up over a foot!) and was caught upon inspection (before disaster happened).


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Terry Nuckels posted:

Wow! This looks like an awesome deal! If I had room for a second Speedster...

@Anthony, maybe this one?


Thanks for thinking of me......

Anyone interested I put this up on Ebay auction ends Sunday also lowered the buy it now price to 21k. I didn't think this would be a hard sell and I think I'm giving away this price. But it's just to hit here to even get anyone to come look at it,so it's on Ebay.

I like the unique approach to the radiator placement. Nice car. I want them all. Wish I had the resources of Jay Leno and some of his car collection. I hope your Speedy finds a good home!

Thanks so much. That’s why it’s for sale, because I can’t afford them all. Once this sells I’m gonna do my classic Cooper Honda swap. Then I’m gonna sell it to fund a 550 spyder turbo subby. That’s what I originally wanted to build.

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