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We will be Speedstering up to Petit Jean this Friday for the 64th Annual. I haven't been in 40 years; used to go every year. It's a 350 mile drive from Madison thru the Mississippi and Arkansas delta. You don't get into the mountains (small m) until past Little Rock. This the largest show/swap meet in the area. Used to make hotel reservations on the 2nd of January to be sure you could get a room. Somehow, Candy was able to book ours 3 weeks ago due to a cancellation at the Lodge.

MOTTA (Midamerica Old Time Automobile Association) is based in Memphis. This is not a European venue; mostly American made, but I would bring whatever sports car I was driving, at the time, and was always well received.

The highest point is Magazine Mountain, 2,753 ft, that's about 2,000 ft. higher than Mississippi.

Petit-Jean_5Petit-Jean_4Petit-Jean_2Petit-Jean_3Just a sample...we'll have latest next week.


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Looks like there's little interest in this subject...

Not enough Speedster/Spyder owners down this way. Any of you American loving, peaceable, law abiding folks interested in relocating to the land of milk and honey; we'd love to have you (bring your Speedster/Spyder).

Weather, this weekend, in Arkansas looking good, but 90% chance of rain at home means we won't be going in the Speedster. Tropical depression in the Gulf insures rain on the return trip. Don't think wife would like 6 hours of wet in the Speedster. The Z4 will have to do.

We're already in the 90's with very high humidity. Common weather in the South.

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