Eric Marshall Green posted:

Across the country a year ago.

When I first saw this photo I thought for sure you had wandered on to the wrong forum. I really started to wonder if this was a real deal 356. Of course after reading the story I know now it’s an IM. The car does look great and very original looking. 

Robert, another opinion of mine that had proved HUGELY unpopular and unleashed the mob is my belief that a restored 356 is only as good as the abilities of the person (s) doing the work.  It could be better than Reutter or not as good as Reutter but depending on how much has been changed, it is no longer a car built by Porsche.  The same would be true in art.  If the paint falls off the Mona Lisa and it repainted by another artist using photos as reference, is it by Da Vinci?  Of course not.  Funny how it is a dangerous thing these days to believe in something different than others.  And to think or country and Canada were supposed to be about individuals.



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"supposed to be about individuals."

Yep.  I'm unique and special... just like everybody else!   I love that phrase.  I know it's not really in context of your post above, but still made me think of the saying.

What was my point?

Never mind...

As you were...

Eric Marshall Green posted:

Is there any way to edit your posts for typos?

Panhandle Bob posted:

Bring up the post.

Click on "Take Action"

Click on "Edit"

Have at it.

As Bob said but there is a time limit, I think it is only one hour.  After that the only option is to delete the post and make a new one. If I have to do that I copy the old post first, paste it, and correct it.

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