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I thought these photos were worthy of posting.  I'm always amazed by what people do to enhance the look of a car.   That's a VW/Rhino transaxle. It was painted first then the rib were polished.  This will not look this good if it was a Std. VW unit made of magnesium. Magnesium will NOT polish out to a high luster like aluminum.   I also like the the main body carbs powder coated black. The fire wall should be treated with something that matches the rest of the engine compartment.  The body and frame colors are interesting and look pretty good.  I'm thinking that the upholstery should be that saddle colored leather. Perhaps with gold stitching.   The one photo gives you an idea just how busy Greg is with that pile of transmissions,....Enjoy...........Bruce


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SEMA Show ??  Hmmmm.......I wonder if this is the same guy that built that Speedster for the SEMA show a few years ago.  The Speedster with the upholstered firewall and a HUGE boom box filling the rear seat. He bought my red wind wing prototype's right off my car when we were both at Vintage Speedster.  The colors and flashy details suggest that it is.  I don't know when SEMA is this year but it seems like it's in OCT.......Bruce

I’m 99% sure this belongs to John @slang500 on Instagram. He has built two spyders for SEMA previously where he procured the rollers from Greg.

I’m sure they are not everyone’s cup of tea on here but I love his work. So much so that I’ve reached out to him to put his touches on my Spyder this winter.

you can see the previous spyders here:

And I guess I should offer a bit more on what I’m trying to have him do.

Nothing mechanical, all aesthetic.
Add fender flares above the wheel wells (which you can see on his builds and makes the contour look incredible imo)

plexi windshield, redo interior- either tartan or alcantara including frunk, steering wheel, shifter, new paint/trim (going w a more outlaw/racer look) new wheels

yes the purists are going to loathe it, but it’s not an original and I’m a resto mod kinda guy. Now to convince the wife that this isn’t yet another terrible life decision and I’m hoping to have the ball rolling in a few months.

This is the Speedster (the exterior looks great (I love the Magnus Walker wheels!) but then you get close and the interior, frunk and engine areas are a cross between a period Paris bordello and Kremlin gift shop) that @aircooled (Bruce) was referring to-                                                                and yes, it seems it was done by John @slang 500.  I couldn't find any pics of his Spyders, @Chappy, but I do remember the ones you're talking about.  I know we all say it's a big tent (with room for all) but if you let him goop up the interior/engine compartment too much your spot will be right at the far edge...

I totally agree with you, @Stan Galat- that is a great color- looks like flowing molten metal.  Mind you, I like the car as well- (I think) the flares and wheels/tires look just right and it's nice and low!  Anyone got any more pics of it?

And if all Carl from Wyoming did to break the vetted PCCA's purity laws was the tartan paint on the gas tank and engine shroud (oh boy, that looks like an awful lot of taping!) then I guess there's room for him too...

Yoda out- time to go back to bed it is before the sun comes up on the Great Wet Coast!``

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Lol @ALB

here is the cola/brown one-

youll find plenty of pics/vids of the grey one here:

I’m not going as extreme as these. I’d like to say more subtle, but with the amount of attention my car already gets as is, I know that’s not really true either.

Happy Tuesday all! and let’s all be thankful for this amazing Indian summer we’re having. Took delivery on 8/25 and I already have over 1k miles on her. The madness is real

@Quadmod posted:


That was Carl from Wyoming that has the red Speedster with the tartan paint. Gas tank in the front, fan shroud in the back all matching the upholstery in the middle.7693EE58-3B64-4BF9-AF3B-5617071E5A4C

Thanks @Quadmod I hung around a bit looking for an owner to say hi but one never appeared. IIRC, his was the only Speedster there. I had my Spyder, and Ric had his fleet, but that was it for replicas.

@Stan Galat posted:

Again, the concept is not my jam - but I get it.

The color on this one...Screenshot 2022-10-03 193903 I'd love to know what that is.

It almost looks like one of those chameleon paint jobs, but I’ve never seen one with just grey/black. They’re usually rainbow colors.

House of Kolor calls theirs Shimrin Kameleon Kolor base coat. And it’s, shall we say, pricey.


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